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How HVAC Contractors Can Beat The Competition In 2019

Are you taking the right approach when it comes to growing your HVAC contracting business and leading the competition in 2019? In this article, we go over how you can work on your business instead of in your business. When your customers do a Google search of local...

Construction Estimating Basics

For a general contractor, the most essential and valuable role is the cost estimator and having a good cost estimator. Good – meaning accurate – estimation methods is where company profitability begins. Without an accurate estimate that fits in a project budget, a firm cannot do business.

Why Small Contractors Should Act Big

Are you taking the same steps big contractors take? Find out why creating processes, workflows, and structures like the behemoths pay off in the end. Here at Bangert, Inc., we serve contractors from under $5 million in annual revenue to more than $500 million. That’s...

Now’s The Time

Need better software but now is not a good time? This is one of the most popular conversations we had in 2018. Kurt Bangert walks you through month-by-month why, in 2019, there is no good time to make a change.

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