Success Story

Graham Construction’s Strategic Switch from Sage 300 CRE to Sage Intacct Construction with Bangert, Inc.

Miquel Hadsall,
Vice President of Finance

For over 40 years, Des Moines-based Graham Construction has been at the forefront of commercial construction, specializing in healthcare, industrial, and private education. Graham faced the need to overhaul their financial management processes to align with their growth and modern operational needs and switch from Sage 300 CRE.

“Bangert went above and beyond during our transition from Sage 300 CRE to Sage Intacct Construction for our unique processes at Graham Construction.”

Miquel Hadsall,
VP of Finance at Graham Construction

The Challenge: Overcoming Inefficiency and Unlocking Potential

When Miquel Hadsall stepped into her role as Vice President of Finance at Graham Construction, she was met with a landscape of inefficiency that stemmed from deeply entrenched, outdated accounting practices. The reliance on Sage 300 CRE and manual data entry bogged down operations, turning essential financial management into a time-consuming, error-prone endeavor. The most glaring issues included a month-end closing period stretching an untenable 30 days and a reporting system so complex it demanded specialized knowledge outside the team’s core competencies. Faced with these challenges, Hadsall knew a transformation was necessary—a shift to a more seamlessly integrated financial management solution that could propel Graham Construction into a new era of efficiency and strategic insight.

Antiquated Processes

Limited use of Sage 300 CRE and the restraints of an on-premise server resulted in inefficiencies and lack of real-time financial insights.

Lack of Integration and Scalability

The need for a system that could integrate with other technologies, like Procore, and scale with Graham Construction’s growth.

Data Inaccuracies Due to Manual Entry

Prior to Sage Intacct, Graham Construction’s billing was done in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and then inserted manually as a quick bill. This caused margins of error and wasted time.

Limited Report Capabilities

Sage 300 CRE required a deeper knowledge of external tools like Crystal Reports for advanced report writing, which limited the company’s ability to quickly adapt and respond to reporting needs.

The Solution: A Game-Changing Transition to Sage Intacct Construction

The decision to transition to Sage Intacct Construction was driven by the system’s cloud-based infrastructure, robust integration capabilities, and the promise of enhanced operational efficiency. Bangert, Inc.’s proven deployment process ensured a smooth transition, offering all-encompassing support and resources that enabled Graham Construction to deploy Sage Intacct at a pace that suited their specific needs.

The Result

Next-Level Efficiency: Halving Month-End Processing  Again

One of the standout achievements of Graham Construction’s shift from Sage 300 CRE to Sage Intacct Construction has been the dramatic reduction in month-end closing time — from an arduous 30 days to just 16. This improvement is not merely numerical but marks a substantial leap in operational efficiency and increases the productivity of the finance team. Encouragingly, this is just the beginning. Miquel Hadsall said that her team is not stopping here and expects to streamline this process further and are poised to cut down the month-end processing time even more. This forward-looking approach underscores Graham Construction’s commitment to leveraging Sage Intacct’s capabilities to the fullest, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a next-generation accounting system.

More Insights for Decision-Makers: Tailored Dashboards for Project Managers and Executives  

Sage Intacct has transformed Graham Construction’s reporting and dashboard capabilities. With its advanced reporting tools, Sage Intacct offers a level of customization and efficiency that meets the unique needs of every corner of the organization. As highlighted by Miquel Hadsall, “It’s a time-saver to have reports that we can get narrowed down to just the information that a department or an individual needs.” This level of specificity in reporting empowers both project managers and executives with tailored insights, enabling informed decision-making.

The deployment of Sage Intacct has meant vital data is not only more accessible but also relevant to the specific roles within Graham Construction. Project managers can benefit from detailed, project-specific insights that enhance day-to-day operations, while executives gain a clear, strategic view of the company’s financial health and project performance. This dual impact underscores Sage Intacct Construction’s role of not just improving financial processes but also in strengthening the foundation for leadership at all levels.

Days Saved Monthly: Major Gains in Billing & Payroll Efficiency

By moving from manual, Excel-based systems to the sophisticated automation of Sage Intacct, Graham Construction completely revolutionized its billing and payroll processes. This strategic upgrade has not only enhanced the accuracy and efficiency of financial operations but has also resulted in substantial time savings each month—transforming previously time-consuming tasks into streamlined workflows. Miquel Hadsall puts the impact into perspective:

“There are several things we do on a monthly basis where we have saved days because of an improved process recommended by the Bangert team. With Sage Intacct, project managers are now drafting directly in the system, streamlining our entire billing process away from cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. It’s a major improvement for our entire company.”

This transition has not only enhanced operational efficiency but also contributed to a more motivated and focused team, liberated from the tedious tasks that once hindered their productivity.

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