Construction Forecasting with Velixo and Sage Intacct  

Reporting, budgeting & automation in Excel for Sage Intacct

Enhance Your Construction Project Management with Cutting-Edge Forecasting Tools

The combination of Velixo and Sage Intacct Construction is designed to transform how you handle forecasting and financial management in your construction projects.

Key Features of Velixo and Sage Intacct Construction

Built by ERP experts for Sage Intacct users, Velixo augments the core reporting, budgeting, and planning experience. It’s optimized for organizations of any size looking to accelerate business outcomes through better visibility, efficiency, simplicity, and automation.

Projected Cost at Completion using Cost to Complete Input Method

With Velixo’s Cost to Complete template, connect directly to Sage Intacct to manage project estimates and budgets seamlessly. Set up GL budget and estimate IDs, and use dynamic fields for real-time data updates. Ensure accuracy in your project forecasting by leveraging Velixo’s smart calculations and intuitive data entry features.

Once you’ve written back forecasts into Sage Intacct using Velixo, you can generate financial reports comparing past and current forecasts. Load these reports onto dashboards, filter by specific projects, and get detailed insights into cost at completion. This powerful feature allows for dynamic project management and improved financial visibility.

Projected Cost at Completion Using Percent Complete Input Method

Utilize the Percent Complete input method in Velixo to accurately project costs at completion. By integrating with Sage Intacct, you can update project progress, calculate remaining costs, and adjust forecasts in real-time. This method ensures that your financial projections are precise and reflect the latest project data.

Drilldown to Transaction Detail Level

Velixo enables detailed drilldown capabilities, allowing you to explore transaction details directly from Excel. Connect to Sage Intacct and access in-depth data, providing a comprehensive view of your financial transactions and enhancing your ability to analyze and manage project finances. This feature enhances your ability to analyze and manage project finances by giving you direct access to the underlying details of each transaction.

Look up Batch Detail in Sage Intacct Construction from Velixo Drilldown

Access batch detail information in Sage Intacct Construction through Velixo’s drilldown worksheet. This functionality provides a granular view of batch transactions, helping you track, verify, and manage your financial data with greater accuracy and efficiency. It supports enhanced financial reporting and auditing by making detailed transaction data easily accessible.

Why Choose Velixo and Sage Intacct for Construction Forecasting?

Accurate forecasting and efficient financial management are crucial in the construction industry. With Velixo and Sage Intacct Construction, you gain access to robust tools that streamline your processes, improve accuracy, and save time.

Excel Reporting with Live Sage Intacct Data

Velixo enhances Sage Intacct’s capabilities, providing real-time data synchronization and advanced reporting tools. Create dynamic Excel-based reports that are easy to understand and share.

Enhanced Construction Forecasting

Leverage advanced forecasting tools to predict costs and manage budgets effectively.

Drilldown to Sage Intacct Entries

Instantly access detailed Sage Intacct entries directly from Excel for deeper insights and faster analysis.

Seamless Installation

All you need for the installation is Microsoft Excel and Sage Intacct. The installation process for Velixo is quick, taking just 30 seconds, and linking it with Sage Intacct is simple.

User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive interface that simplifies complex tasks, making it easy for your team to adopt and use.

Excel-Like Accelerator Functions

With unique querying engines and pre-built Accelerator functions, Velixo ensures efficient data analysis and reporting, leveraging the familiar Excel environment.

Smart Drilldown and Live Writeback

Explore data in both Excel and Sage Intacct with smart drilldown features. Enjoy live writeback capabilities for journals, budgets, and project forecasts, ensuring data accuracy and real-time updates.

Pre-Built Templates and Flexible Report Distribution

Velixo provides pre-built templates for quick setup and flexible, automated report distribution by email. This ensures your team has access to the latest data without manual effort.

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