The Bangert One Plan for Sage Intacct Construction

All-in-One Support for Your Construction Software Needs

Ongoing Support for Sage Intacct

Why Choose The Bangert One Plan?

The Bangert One Plan is designed to equip you with enduring tools, ensuring your long-term success with Sage Intacct by offering never-ending access to essential resources and knowledge.

Transparent Service Plan Agreement

Bangert’s Commitment To You

Bangert One for Sage Intacct is designed to provide you with the maximum benefits in a cost-effective package. In addition to the services outlined in your plan, we commit to:

  • Providing a timely resolution and clearly communicating issues
  • Treating your staff with professionalism and respect
  • Prioritizing critical requests
  • Acting on open and honest feedback
  • Capping price increases at 5% annually
  • Your Commitment To Bangert

In Return,
You Commit To:

  • Being on the plan for a period of 12 months
  • Treating our staff with professionalism and respect
  • Understanding that service demand can increase during certain periods
  • Providing open and honest feedback

*For customers fully live on Sage Intacct and on the 3rd year of your Sage Intacct Subscription. For customers not live on Sage Intacct, or in the 2nd year of your Sage Intacct Subscription, take advantage of our First or Second Year Premium Services.


What types of issues are covered by a Bangert One Plan?

The Bangert One Plan is designed to provide comprehensive support for Sage Intacct users, specifically on break/fix support. Our support team is dedicated to ensuring that your Sage Intacct experience is as smooth as possible. With the Bangert One Plan, you have access to a daily Q&A session where you can seek assistance and guidance on various Sage Intacct-related matters.

Yet, Bangert One goes beyond mere support; it’s an enduring resource that continues to be at your disposal, even after Sage Intacct Deployment and Refinement. In short, Bangert One equips you with an ongoing comprehension of Sage Intacct, enabling your company and future team members to effortlessly navigate and utilize the system for years to come.

Is there a limit to the number of users who can open Helpdesk Tickets, access Deployment, Refinement, or use Bangert Support?

There are no restrictions on the number of users from your company who can access our Helpdesk, Deployment, Refinement, and Sage Intacct support services.

When does my Bangert One Plan renew?

Bangert One renews on your Sage Intacct contract renewal date (if you made your original purchase through Bangert) or every 12 months (if you made your original purchase through another VAR).

How do the Daily Q&A sessions work? Are there scheduled times or an on-demand service?

The Sage Intacct daily Q&As are held every weekday at 1 PM CT. You can attend these sessions as often as you like, and there is no restriction on the number of questions you can ask. Our Q&As are designed so that you can get your questions asked without having to submit a Helpdesk ticket. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to gain insights from fellow Sage Intacct users who are also in attendance!

Are there any special offers or benefits if I refer other companies to the Bangert One Plan?

Yes, we want to reward you for helping us grow! Our Bangert Referral Program for Sage Intacct Construction is a fantastic opportunity to earn valuable credits, discounts, and rewards when you refer peers to Bangert, Inc. who become Bangert Sage Intacct customers. You can learn more about our Referral Program here: Bangert Referral Program for Sage Intacct.