For 35 years, Bangert has partnered with construction companies like yours to generate over $253,000,000 in additional earnings through applied technology. Build your business with the only company that cares about your growth as much as you do.

Explore The Root And Discover Opportunity

Inefficiencies aren’t inherent. They’re bred into your company over long periods of time. People develop habits that influence practices, whether good or bad. Use Bangert’s expertise to stop growth inhibitors, find gaps and redundancy, and build your construction business.

Analysis & Research

Discover what’s holding you back and let our team handle the research. We do the legwork that helps you make informed decisions.

Your Results

We’ll give you honest answers as to whether you’re approach is solid or needs a little work.

Solutions That Matter

Construction isn’t a one-size-fits-all business. We partner with technology that aligns with your company and customize it to fit your goals.

"Can new software really help your business?"

Solutions That Match Your Business

Construction isn’t a one-size-fits-all industry. At Bangert we champion solutions that align with your company and its goals.

General Contractor

Specialty Contractor



Support At Every Stage

Our team of certified experts are available online and on the phone. New support features are rolling out soon that will help keep you connected on any device, anywhere.


Client Satisfaction

Happy Clients

“I’m not sure what Bangert, Inc. could do to improve. Everyone is knowledgable, efficient, helpful, professional, and friendly.”

Unzeitig Construction

“Oh my Bangert, Inc. is so, so Awesome!!!! We love working with them!”

– Giffin and Crane

“Some we have worked with try to protect what they are doing to create more work. Bangert, Inc. imparts knowledge to truly enhance our experience.”

– Acme Constructors

“Bangert, Inc. continues to set the standard of excellence.”

– L. Keeley Construction

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Build your business with the only company that cares about your growth as much as you do.

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