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Breaking News: Implementation is Dead

When we say, “implementation is dead,” we mean just that. Implementation is no longer part of our vocabulary because implementing software has always been too expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive. Part of our mission is to see construction companies succeed with the right software solutions, and we’re doing this by changing our implementation process so that you get your time back from start to finish.

As construction software continues to advance, so are we. At Bangert, we no longer have hourly rates for implementation of Sage Intacct Construction. Instead, you can expect predictable costs and software deployment completed with your own timeline. With Bangert Enablement, you can explore Sage Intacct Construction’s functionality at no cost. When you choose Sage Intacct Construction, you’ll then go through Bangert Deployment, where you’ll receive hands-on training at your own pace while you deploy Sage Intacct Construction for your company.

What’s more, is that we have support plans that ensure you don’t feel restricted to your software reseller, and you won’t have it anywhere else.

Sage Intacct Construction

Build a modern business with true cloud-based financial software for the construction industry.


Explore and enter data into Sage Intacct Construction with zero financial risk. Bangert Enablement prepares you for deploying Sage Intacct by providing a Learning Management System (LMS) with guided tours and classes for each module.


After choosing to commit to Sage Intacct Construction, Bangert Deployment is how you implement Sage Intacct Construction for your company. Deployment for Sage Intacct Construction can be completed at your own pace with training and support from Bangert, weekly Q&A sessions, and transparency at every step.

Bangert User Group

Also known as BUG, Bangert User Group is a free online community that hosts software training livestreams every week, construction accounting software tips & tricks, industry news, Sage release notes and much more.


Get access to Sage Intacct training videos, Sage 300 CRE and Sage 100 Contractor how-to tutorials, construction mobile app demos, and tips on how to get the most out of your construction software.

Subscription Support Plans

Bangert’s Support Plans are designed to provide you with the best service options that fit your organization’s needs.

What we do  

Bangert, Inc. is a team of construction software experts who understand there isn’t a “one size fits all” software solution for the construction industry. With over 150 years of combined experience, our mission is to not only provide software that works as hard as you do but to make sure construction companies are getting the most out of their software with dependable support.

Why Bangert  

With nearly 40 years of providing software solutions to the construction industry, we recognize the complexities that general contractors and construction managers face. With this in mind, we provide solutions that give you your time back with reliable support and training at every turn.

How we’re different  

As construction technology advances, so are we. We strive to replace the decades-old methods of 6-12 month implementation plans, redundant demos, and ballooned budgets. In its place, we have a “drive before you buy” model for ERP implementation processes. By going through Bangert Enablement & Bangert Deployment, you can have confidence that your Sage Intacct implementation is on your own timeline and with zero risk.

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