Bangert Case Study

TNT Tuckpointing Implemented Sage Intacct Construction in Less Than 2 Months Through Bangert Deployment

“Sage Intacct is the tool that frees up my time as a project manager, executive, and owner. Handling 30% more projects through software pays for itself.”

Josh Smyser
Owner of TNT Tuckpointing & Building Restoration

Key Results

Achieved an accelerated implementation

Future-forward construction accounting platform, preferred by AICPA

A connected system with open API

Eliminated manual data entry

Company Overview

TNT Tuckpointing & Building Restoration has been a family-owned masonry restoration company since 1993. Josh Smyser, the 2nd generation of its founders, Tom and Tracy Smyser, is the current owner of TNT.

Through Bangert Enablement & Deployment, TNT switched from Sage 100 Contractor to Sage Intacct Construction within just two months. Enablement for Sage Intacct Construction is a free program that provides self-guided training courses for Sage Intacct. Bangert Deployment is a comprehensive implementation of Sage Intacct that allows companies to take complete control of going live at their own pace and timeline.

Through Bangert Enablement & Deployment for Sage Intacct Construction, TNT Tuckpointing implemented a cutting-edge cloud ERP system. By automating manual and duplicate data entry, TNT gained valuable time savings and a solution that integrates with Procore. What’s more, Sage Intacct is cost-effective and scalable, ensuring that it will support TNT’s growth for the years to come.


Deployment Completed At Their Own Pace & Timeline

Smyser began his search for a new system in October of 2022, and by mid-November, he knew that he wanted to implement Sage Intacct Construction and move away from Sage 100 Contractor. TNT was committed to having Sage Intacct implemented by January 1st, 2023, “there aren’t many implementations that you can do in such a short window,” Smyser said.

After completing Bangert’s Enablement classes and choosing TNT’s go-live date, Smyser could start implementing Sage Intacct with Bangert Deployment. On why Bangert has designed this approach to software implementation, Reid Bangert, COO of Bangert, Inc. said:

“At Bangert, we’re changing the game with Enablement & Deployment – moving away from the old one-to-one consulting model and towards a comprehensive approach that empowers our customers to take control of their own success.”

Smyser attributes their successful implementation of Sage Intacct Construction to Bangert Enablement, which provided them access to a free user instance and self-guided courses that helped them set up various features, such as cash accounts, AP vendors, and more.

AICPA’s Preferred Financial Solution & Powerful Integration With Procore

Sage Intacct Construction is known for its open API, which simplifies the integration process by standardizing how different systems connect with each other. As a result, TNT can easily integrate other software that they use in their day-to-day, such as Procore for project management.

“One of the things that really helped make that leap was knowing that the Sage Intacct to Procore integration was already readily available and successful. I won’t have that loss of data flow.” Smyser continued to say, “seeing all the integrations that are already up and running effectively, especially Procore, you can tell that Sage Intacct is going to be high priority for a long time.”

Due to Sage Intacct’s effective integrations, Smyser realized that they would essentially save time and money in the long-term with Sage Intacct. Having different systems that are not integrated can result in more manual data entry. Since implementing Sage Intacct, TNT has decided that from now on every system they use needs to be integrated and communicate with each other so they can eliminate data entry.

Smyser shared that another aspect that attracted TNT to Sage Intacct was the fact that the accounting solution is endorsed by AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). “Just looking through my CPA Society magazines and seeing that Sage Intacct was backed by AICPA was a big thing for me. You can tell it’s super solid for accounting.”

A Profitable, Cutting Edge System with Improved Insights  

TNT Tuckpointing’s focus on profitability was a factor that drove them to look at Sage Intacct. According to Smyser, they looked at the switch to Sage Intacct as a value proposition, not just a price point.

Smyser went on to say that TNT views software the same way they view other pieces of equipment that they use at job sites:

“Sage Intacct is the piece of equipment that I want to have in my tool belt to free up my time as project manager, executive, and owner. If I can handle 30% more projects through software, then that pays for itself. We want to be cutting-edge. We’re building more data so that five years from now we can hopefully get a lot better insights than some of our competitors.”

A Future-Forward Approach  

TNT’s payroll has been exclusively processed through Sage Intacct Construction since Deployment – and it has been running smoothly ever since. “The payroll system is fully functioning. It takes a little bit to get set up but it’s super powerful… we’ve been able to run payroll successfully and do all of our reporting. No last-minute hiccups or freak-outs,” said Smyser. Now that Deployment is complete, TNT and Bangert are working towards customizing more reports and dashboards in Sage Intacct based on their company’s needs.

In regards to the continued developments of Sage Intacct Construction, Reid Bangert said:

“When you look at Sage Intacct from a 30,000-foot view, Sage has put so much investment dollars and development dollars behind the construction and real estate product and it shows in everybody we deal with. From the folks on the payroll side, to our channel partners, channel managers, everyone’s really committed and excited about Sage Intacct.”

When asked what advice he would give to someone who is on the fence about switching from Sage 100 Contractor to Sage Intacct Construction, Smyser said:

“So many in the construction industry don’t value software or see how it can improve your business. I view software as a key, important tool. It’s just as important as having the right telehandler on the job. Evaluating that from the value it’s providing, not necessarily just the dollar costs, and then looking towards the future. If you’re looking at changing systems at all, this is definitely the way.”

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