Success Story

Why US Prime Switched from Acumatica and NetSuite to Sage Intacct Construction

Howard Akin, CEO
Abby Akin, VP Operations

“Everyone you’re talking to are the same people. You have a team that knows it [Sage Intacct] back to front, they’re not channeling it up the line. It’s been great for us.”

Abby Akin
VP Operations, US Prime

With a 30-year history in multi-family real estate, industrial development, management, and brokerage, US Prime sought to optimize its financial management processes to accommodate rapid growth. Prior to deploying Sage Intacct Construction with Bangert, they previously relied on Acumatica and Oracle NetSuite. Due to moving from Acumatica to Sage Intacct Construction, they overcame numerous challenges, including delayed implementation and lackluster support.

With Bangert’s structured approach and transition process, US Prime experienced a remarkable shift in efficiency and accuracy. Discover how their experience from NetSuite and Acumatica to Sage Intacct marked a night-and-day difference, empowering them with enduring resources and tools for long-term success. With a dedicated team and intuitive support system, US Prime’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of streamlined and transparent ERP deployment.

The Challenge

US Prime encountered substantial obstacles in streamlining its financial operations with Acumatica after their implementation in late 2019. These challenges included:

Difficulty Obtaining Accurate Metrics

US Prime struggled to obtain precise metrics from Acumatica, hindering their ability to make informed financial decisions.

Prolonged Support Response Times

US Prime faced delays in support assistance with Acumatica, resulting in uncertainty about data accuracy and exacerbating operational inefficiencies.

Lengthy Process to Set Up Bank Feeds

The set up process for bank feeds within Acumatica proved to be time-consuming and cumbersome, with taking over three years to set up, slowing down crucial financial processes and causing frustration among team members.

Manual Data Entry

As the US Prime team was gearing up to initiate various projects, they encountered hurdles in providing essential financial reports to investors and lenders promptly. One critical issue stemmed from their construction arm’s operations, involving manual processes for generating documents like G702s/G703s, as well as handling draws, which resulted in duplicated efforts.

These challenges underscored the urgent need for a more robust and efficient financial management solution to support US Prime’s growth.

The Solution

To address these issues and foster their growth, US Prime opted to transition from Acumatica to Sage Intacct Construction, a cloud-based ERP solution built for the construction industry. After discovering Bangert’s Sage Intacct tutorials on YouTube, Howard Akin, CEO of US Prime, reached out to Bangert directly. This step aimed to explore the switch from Acumatica to Sage Intacct Construction and ensure a smooth deployment process.

The Result

A Seamless ERP Deployment in as Little as Two Months

US Prime’s switch from Acumatica to Sage Intacct Construction was marked by various key factors that contributed to a smooth transition.

Firstly, the structured approach provided by Bangert Deployment played a crucial role. With a clear roadmap and step-by-step guidance, US Prime was able to navigate the process with ease. This organized approach ensured that each milestone of the deployment was well-defined and transparent, minimizing confusion and streamlining the overall process.

Howard Akin, CEO of US Prime, reflected on the experience, stating that when they started Bangert Deployment in October 2023, it was a “breath of fresh air. Very structured, very organized.”

Additionally, when asked how easy Sage Intacct was to learn, “It went a lot smoother than prior systems that I’ve worked with. It would be 5-stars on our implementation process. I was surprised and excited about how quickly we were able to get it going,” said Abby Akin VP of Operations at US Prime.

This combination of structured guidance and an organized Learning Management System (LMS) made the transition seamless and efficient for US Prime, setting a new standard for software deployment processes.

Transparent Software Deployment Pricing 

Howard Akin highlighted the importance of transparent pricing during the initial phase of the deployment process. Initially skeptical, he recalled how the pricing was readily available online, a detail that caught his attention. This transparency and fixed pricing structure provided clarity and assurance, ultimately influencing his decision to proceed with Bangert Deployment.

“I wanted to get a totally cloud-based alternative. I clicked off Sage because at the time they didn’t have it yet. Acumatica seemed to be the only one,” Howard explained. However, Bangert’s approach stood out. “With Reid’s communication to me, there’s a set structure to get you all the way there [deployed] and you go at your own pace,” he continued.

The combination of a clear pricing model and structured deployment strategy resonated with Howard. “The ability to have the pricing out there, online… it was reasonable, and the time-savings that could occur because we could scale faster, it just made sense,” Howard concluded.

Reliable Ongoing Support 

Transitioning from Acumatica to Sage Intacct Construction wasn’t just about adopting new ERP software for US Prime – it was about ensuring ongoing support and expertise to maximize the benefit of the new system. Bangert’s Support for Sage Intacct Construction proved instrumental, offering consistent and reliable assistance throughout the transition and beyond during Bangert Deployment.

Abby Akin underscored the significance of this dependable support, noting, “Everyone you’re talking to are the same people. You have a team that knows it [Sage Intacct] back to front, they’re not channeling it up the line. It’s been great for us.” Her remarks echo the importance of having a dedicated support team well-versed in the software’s intricacies, ensuring swift and efficient issue resolution.

Contrary to previous encounters with software providers, where support channels often involved dealing with various individuals or teams, US Prime found comfort in the consistent assistance provided by Bangert. Abby further elaborated, “It was so seamless the whole time. If we’re in a meeting and someone has a question, we can go on the 1:00 pm Q&A, you don’t have to get a week-out meeting, you can hop on and get an answer immediately. It’s been huge for us.”

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