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From QuickBooks to Sage Intacct Construction: How Clear Construction Gained a Scalable ERP

Bailey Hochhalter,
President and Owner

Founded in 2017 in Santa Barbara, California, Clear Construction has redefined residential construction by fully integrating design and building processes. As a forward-thinking homebuilder aiming for vertical integration, Bailey Hochhalter, President and Owner, quickly identified the need for a financial management system that could support their complex projects and ambitious growth.

“All the possibilities that allow us to be creative in our approach to this vertically integrated company are invaluable, and it’s all thanks to the capabilities of Bangert Deployment and Sage Intacct.”

Bailey Hochhalter,
President and Owner of Clear Construction

The Challenge: Overcoming Technological Limitations from QuickBooks

Clear Construction faced a variety of obstacles that stemmed from the limitations of their initial financial management system, QuickBooks, which was not equipped to handle the company’s growing needs for integration and scalability as they expanded. The challenges included:

Limitations in Supporting Growth

QuickBooks was suitable during Clear Construction’s early stages, but as the company expanded, it struggled to keep pace with the rapid growth and complexity of managing multiple integrated services. The system’s lack of scalability became a critical barrier, impeding efficient business evolution.

Inadequate System Integration

QuickBooks was unable to integrate seamlessly with other essential tools like Procore, a construction project management software for Clear Construction. This lack of integration complicated project management and financial oversight, making it difficult for Clear Construction to maintain a streamlined operation across the company’s various divisions.

Lack of Transparency Across Multiple Entities

Bailey Hochhalter identified significant transparency issues due to the disjointed systems in place. This lack of transparency affected internal communications and external customer interactions, proving detrimental to the company’s ability to scale and manage complex projects effectively.

System Scalability Issues

As Clear Construction aimed to vertically integrate their operations more comprehensively, the need for a system that could handle increased transaction volumes and provide detailed financial oversight across multiple entities became critical. The limitations of QuickBooks in managing these requirements were a significant impediment to growth.

These challenges were pivotal in Clear Construction’s decision to transition to Sage Intacct Construction, seeking a solution that would provide the necessary scalability, integration, and support for their growing business.

The Solution: Transitioning to Sage Intacct Construction with Bangert Deployment

Determined to support his vision for expansive growth, Bailey Hochhalter chose to switch to Sage Intacct Construction. This robust, scalable, and cloud-based system promised to overcome the significant hurdles posed by QuickBooks. Clear Construction chose Bangert, Inc. for their proven Bangert Deployment system and continuous support and resources, ensuring a smooth transition.

The Result: Technology as a Foundation for Growth  

Self-Guided Deployment At Their Own Pace

A structured, self-guided deployment process offered by Bangert was an asset to Clear Construction, which allowed them to deploy the system at their own pace. “The implementation process was amazing… The sheer volume of support that Bangert has online is invaluable,” Hochhalter noted. He further stressed the importance of the educational structure of Bangert Deployment, saying, “The implementation processes, the courses, the way they’re set up, and the cadence of it is really helpful. In the deployment courses, they show you what skills you need to have in order to advance to the next course – seeing it all ahead of time lets you manage your time.”

More Insights for Decision-Makers: Tailored Dashboards for Project Managers and Executives  

Sage Intacct has transformed Graham Construction’s reporting and dashboard capabilities. With its advanced reporting tools, Sage Intacct offers a level of customization and efficiency that meets the unique needs of every corner of the organization. As highlighted by Miquel Hadsall, “It’s a time-saver to have reports that we can get narrowed down to just the information that a department or an individual needs.” This level of specificity in reporting empowers both project managers and executives with tailored insights, enabling informed decision-making.

The deployment of Sage Intacct has meant vital data is not only more accessible but also relevant to the specific roles within Graham Construction. Project managers can benefit from detailed, project-specific insights that enhance day-to-day operations, while executives gain a clear, strategic view of the company’s financial health and project performance. This dual impact underscores Sage Intacct Construction’s role of not just improving financial processes but also in strengthening the foundation for leadership at all levels.

Robust Support and Continuous Learning 

Post-deployment, Clear Construction benefited from continuous learning and robust support, key factors in fully leveraging Sage Intacct’s potential. Hochhalter emphasized the ongoing value of Bangert’s educational resources, “Even now, when we have a new member on our accounting team, we refer them back to the videos that Bangert has.” This approach ensures that both new and existing team members remain well-versed in the system’s capabilities.

Reflecting on the technological advancements and support, Hochhalter added, “The tools though, that’s where I’ve actually seen the most benefit. I’m learning about all these new features.” He expressed deep satisfaction with the choice of Sage Intacct Construction and the support from Bangert, 

“I can’t imagine using anything else other than Sage Intacct Construction. I highly recommend the program and Bangert as support.

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