Sage Construction Management

Your End-to-End Solution for Preconstruction, Project Management, and Project Financials.

Handle every aspect of construction management with ease

In the dynamic world of construction, where every detail matters, Sage Construction Management stands out as the comprehensive solution designed to handle every aspect of your projects – all within one, affordable platform.

Streamline your estimating process 

Generate estimates effortlessly, whether starting from scratch, importing data from spreadsheets, or from past estimates.

Easily transfer data from spreadsheets to swiftly populate your estimates.

Prepare bid packages, including documents, photos, or drawings, all within a single platform.

Efficiently organize, track, and manage your estimates during the entire bid process.

Simplified  lead management

Organize and track leads for improved visibility.

Document and track leads while preparing invitations to bid.

Streamline your workflow by uploading drawings, specifications, and RFP packages.

Customize reports and dashboards for in-depth insights into job opportunities and bid status.

Set up and organize your projects and contacts  

Efficiently manage projects and contracts with enhanced visibility.

Set up and oversee projects with ease through centralized visibility and control.

Create various contract types, including fixed, cost-plus, and unit-price contracts.

Track leads, bids, client contracts, job codes, budgets, and contracts seamlessly within a single platform, streamlining your project management experience.

Deeper financial insights into invoice history  

Access comprehensive financial insights throughout your project lifecycle.

Gain a comprehensive view of prime contract budgets and invoice history.

Sage Construction Management provides the financial insights necessary for informed decision-making at every stage of your project.

Ensure your project stays on track with detailed information on budget allocation and invoice history.

Collaborate effortlessly 

Connect teams, efficiently manage tasks, and enhance collaboration from any location, all while customizing access and permissions.

Promote effortless collaboration by connecting teams, managing tasks, and collaborating from anywhere.

Customize access, assign tasks, and set notifications to keep everyone aligned.

Share documents and enable markup to create a cohesive working environment for effective collaboration.

Seamless integration with existing tools 

Gain accurate, real-time project data across systems.

Eliminate redundant data entry through robust accounting integrations.

Access comprehensive financial reports and executive dashboards for in-depth insights.

Facilitate data transfer and ensure team alignment with real-time information integration across systems.

Take the next step towards an all-encompassing construction management solution

Sage Construction Management is built for growing companies that need powerful project management, opportunity tracking, estimating, bids, procurement, time entry, and much more. If your company is ready for change, contact us using the following form.