Success Story

Donatelli Builders Leverages Powerful Project Management Solution to Deliver Project Excellence


Chris Donatelli, President
Donatelli Builders

“With Sage Construction Management, we don’t waste time with double data entry or worry about information silos.”

Chris Donatelli, President, Donatelli Builders

The Challenge

Donatelli Builders is constantly looking to streamline their processes and implement best-practices to deliver a world-class experience to their luxury clients. They value having one centralized solution for their project management needs that eliminates redundant work, simplifies estimating, and prioritizes collaboration.

The Solution 

Sage Construction Management is an all-in-one cloud platform built to handle preconstruction, project management, and financials for construction companies big and small.

The Result 

Sage Construction Management became a one-stop shop for their project management needs, offering powerful functionality that takes them through all phases of construction.

Improved collaboration with project teams.

Eliminated double data entry and information silos.

Streamlined management through the project lifecycle, from initial engagement through delivery.

Simplified estimating with the capability to create multiple estimates from scratch, from imported spreadsheets, or from previous estimates.

Streamlined Processes

Donatelli Builders is no stranger to the power and robust functionality of Sage Construction Management (formerly Corecon). They’ve been using the project management solution for more than 20 years and continue to improve processes as new features are added.

“Streamlining processes to make everything as best practice- based as possible is a big priority for us,” said Chris Donatelli, the company’s president. “With Sage Construction Management we don’t waste time with double data entry or worry about information silos. Everyone knows where to find something and can trust that they’re relying on the most up to-date information.”

Seamless Integrations & End-to-end Project Management 

Sage Construction Management is built on an open platform to provide contractors with the power of choice to use the best mix of solutions that address their unique business needs. The open API is important to Donatelli Builders, who use Zoho as their CRM. The seamless integration enables them to input data once and have it sync to Sage Construction Management, ensuring a single version of the truth. This helps them easily manage the entire project lifecycle, from initial engagement through project delivery.

Improved Collaboration 

Collaboration is at the heart of Donatelli Builders’ process from day one. Sage Construction Management provides the tools they need to keep their teams in sync and ensure they are bringing their clients’ visions to life. They can easily provide updates to clients and create purchase orders in the database without having to reenter information. They can then approve the purchase orders right from the system and send them directly to the client.

“It allows you to input a baseline number for a specific item, for example a $100 value for a faucet. If the client then picks a faucet that costs $200, you can use the wizard to take that $100 cost difference and import it into a change order, which is going to adjust your GPM or your revised sales price,” explains Donatelli. “When I was working in two systems and doing it in Excel sheets, it was very time consuming and just a big pain. Now the process is smooth, letting the client automatically approve the change, which then lets our team know that we can move forward with confidence.

Customizable One-Stop Shop 

While Sage Construction Management offers a lot of tools to work with, Donatelli appreciates the simplicity of it. “Everyone today has app overload. Clients don’t want to learn how to use a new app to build their home, they just want access to the information. ‘Where’s my last invoice that I got?’ With Sage Construction Management they can go into the portal and with the push of a button, they can get the invoice.”

Plus, with role-based access, Donatelli Builders can determine what each client, subcontractor, vendor, or other team member needs to access and update the settings accordingly, so everyone has real-time access to the information they need without being bogged down with information they don’t.

Sage Construction Management has become a one-stop shop for their project management needs. They’ve enjoyed the powerful functionality that takes them through all phases of construction. And the countless customization options mean the solution is always tailored to their needs.

Unparalleled Horsepower 

Donatelli Builders was also using CoConstruct for a while and has researched other options over the years, but nothing else was comparable. “I don’t really believe anything has the horsepower of Sage Construction Management,” said Donatelli. “You’re going to stick with Sage Construction Management for its ability to leverage all the hard work you do throughout the construction lifecycle beginning with preconstruction.”

Having that power and flexibility is non-negotiable for Donatelli Builders. Sage Construction Management has evolved with them and been a trusted partner in helping them deliver nothing short of project excellence. It’s this dedication that keeps a steady stream of clients entrusting them to build their dream homes.

Simplified Estimates and Change Orders 

As a custom builder, each of their projects is different, making it critical to get it right during preconstruction, especially when it comes to the initial baseline budget. Sage Construction Management allows them to easily create multiple estimates from scratch, from imported spreadsheets, or from previous estimates.

“Team members out in the field are the ones who you want to create the estimate or make the material lists, so when we’re able to bring the information over from the estimate and bring it into the purchase order, and then bring the cost codes in with those items, now that takes a big time-consuming process and simplifies it,” said Donatelli. “So now we can efficiently identify the items that we need and know that everything is going to seamlessly apply to the right cost codes.”

With so many moving parts in a construction project, there’s often some variation in the materials that are actually used versus those that were planned. With custom builds, there is even more fluctuation to contend with. The allowances feature in Sage Construction Management helps streamline the change order process.

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