Sage Construction Management (formerly known as Corecon) has continued to evolve and improve since it was acquired by Sage, catering to the needs of its users with each new release. In the latest February 2024 update, Sage CM introduces several significant changes and features aimed at enhancing user experience, improving functionality, and streamlining processes. Let’s dive into the details of what’s new:

Sage UI and Rebranding 

  • The most noticeable change in this update is the default theme switch to Sage UI, aligning the SCM application with other Sage products.
  • Additionally, SCM has undergone rebranding to match the Sage product family, bidding farewell to its previous branding as Corecon.


Automatic Logout Setting 

  • A new feature allows users to specify the duration of inactivity before automatic logout.
  • Users can adjust this setting in the Company Settings under User Preferences, with options ranging from 1 hour to 12 hours.


Resource Center Enhancements 

  • The home button on the help site now features a redesigned dropdown menu.
  • The “What’s New” button provides a list of enhancements in Sage CM.
  • Access to product help, training, and a suggestion box for sharing ideas and feedback is also available.


Community Hub 

  • Users can now access the Community Hub, featuring discussion forums for SC announcements and general discussions.
  • This open forum environment allows users to ask questions, share knowledge, and engage with the Sage CM community.


Owner Code Integration in Prime Contracts 

  • Owner code functionality is now integrated into Prime Contracts, enhancing project management capabilities.
  • Users can view and manage owner codes within the Prime Contracts module.



  • The addition of analytics capabilities enables users to review field percent complete details for projects.
  • A reorganized layout improves usability and accessibility of analytics features.


Accounting Link Product Integration

  • Sage CM introduces new integrations to streamline accounting processes.
  • Users can now specify how project estimate and contract information posts to the general ledger (GL) and Sage Intacct.


Vendor Document Field Mapping

  • Improved syncing functionality ensures the vendor document field in Sage Intacct is accurately filled for specific types of transactions, including sub invoices and bills.

Elevate Your Project Management Experience with Sage CM  

These updates to Sage Construction Management signify Sage’s commitment to delivering value to its users through continuous innovation and improvement. By listening to user feedback and adapting to evolving industry needs, Sage CM remains a reliable solution for construction project management.