The Sage Intacct 2024 R2 release, scheduled for May 10, 2024, brings significant updates aimed specifically at enhancing the efficiency and functionality for users in the construction industry. Here’s a concise breakdown of the key features and improvements:

Key Enhancements in the 2024 R2 Release

List Enhancements: Improved functionality allows for deeper data exploration, enhancing the beta list feature to provide more detailed insights at your fingertips.

Bank Transaction Assistant for File Imports: A new feature for easier bank transaction imports, supporting multiple file types including XLS, VLSX, and OFX. This tool streamlines the reconciliation process significantly.  Learn how to enable this feature in the video above!

Line-Level Tax Schedule Assignment: Gain finer control over tax calculations with the ability to assign tax schedules directly at the document entry level.

Store Project and Notes on Corresponding Compliance Records: Include a project and notes about the project (job), vendor, or subcontract itself on the corresponding compliance record.

New Features in Sage Construction Management: You can now release retainage on prime invoices.
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Improved Financial Reporting for Projects: New reporting features include filtering options by project and the automation of individual reports for each project within a group. Additionally, construction now supports Data Delivery Service (DDS) objects for broader data handling.

Draft Payments: Users can now create, edit, and delete draft payments before final processing, providing greater flexibility and accuracy in managing transactions.

Vendor Compliance Enhancements: Users can now add notes and associate projects directly with compliance records, streamlining vendor management and enhancing project tracking capabilities.

Item Conversion Types: Enhancements include the ability to specify conversion types for non-inventory items, allowing for more precise cost management.

Strengthen Your Sage Intacct Experience

These updates not only streamline various operational processes but also reinforce Sage Intacct’s commitment to adapting and responding to the needs of the construction sector. For companies looking to leverage these new capabilities or considering a transition to Sage Intacct Construction, now is the time to engage with these updates to maximize your operational efficiency and compliance.