03 Oct: The Best Features That Every Construction CRM Should Have

For many construction businesses, both large and small, getting new business and attracting customers is not as easy as it once was. Today’s business environment has become a tad more complex and competitive, requiring construction contractors to increase their focus on customer retention and relationships in order to sustain repeat business. This major shift has made customer relationship management (CRM) software a major artery of any construction business.


10 Sep: Builtcast: Dustin Anderson Talks How Construction Technology Is Changing The Landscape Of Business

Our guest this week is Dustin Anderson, Vice President of Construction And Real Estate at Sage. We wanted to talk with Dustin because construction technology is a rapidly changing and developing world and we had to ask … what is the company behind the #1 selling construction software doing to move that needle forward. What we found out is that it’s all about looking at where they’ve been and simply put … listening to their customers.