Patrick Reeder | Bangert, Inc

Employee Spotlight With Account Executive, Patrick Reeder

Since Patrick Reeder joined Bangert, he has consistently demonstrated a grit mindset. From being described as going “above and beyond” from the customers he’s worked with, fine-tuning his company vlog-style videos on our YouTube page, and overall ensuring that customers and prospects reach success, he has proven to follow Bangert’s Core Values in more ways than one. Thank you for your hard work, Patrick!

Employee Spotlight of Kevin Edgington at Bangert, Inc.

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Edgington

In 1987, while Kevin Edgington was taking classes at a local community college in West Burlington, Iowa, he met one of his instructors, Richard Bangert, the co-founder of our company. During this time, Richard brought Kevin in to assist with some of their gas pump systems. If you’ve worked with Kevin before, you may already know that he doesn’t back away from a challenge and ever since 1988, when he officially joined the Bangert team, this quality persists to this day.