Kevin Edgington, Consultant II | Bangert, Inc.

“When you sit there and look at how appreciative someone is during a stressful time, and if you can get them through that stressful time, it’s probably the biggest gratification in this position. The appreciation of our clients is pretty spectacular.”

In 1987, while Kevin Edgington was taking classes at a local community college in West Burlington, Iowa, he met one of his instructors, Richard Bangert, the co-founder of our company. During this time, Richard brought Kevin in to assist with some of their gas pump systems. If you’ve worked with Kevin before, you may already know that he doesn’t back away from a challenge and ever since 1988, when he officially joined the Bangert team, this quality persists to this day.

From the day Kevin started he has always been a “jack of all trades” within the company. From starting as a hardware technician and evolving to being one of the first certified estimating consultants for Timberline’s Precision Estimating software, Kevin’s knowledge has become expansive. His dedication to learning and evolving with technology over the years has made him indispensable to our customers.

While Kevin is known to be a problem-solving guru among our customers and our team, his reputation stems from his passion for helping others. Kevin is often described as someone who has the attitude of “the harder the problem, the more fun it is to solve,” he’s not one to give up. For instance, customers especially appreciate Kevin’s ability to solve problems quickly that others have given up on. However, we think that part of what helps Kevin succeed in this regard is that he has always demonstrated Bangert’s core value of being passionate about customer success.

Kevin Edgington’s long-standing history with the company, his extensive knowledge, and his drive for customer success is what makes us grateful that he is part of the Bangert team. His positive influence on customers and team members cannot be understated. Additionally, his willingness to do what it takes, no matter if it means working late nights, early mornings, and weekends, proves his dedication and his drive to help others. Thank you Kevin for all you do!