You can relieve yourself of some of the heavy lifting in your role as a subcontractor with estimating software.

It’s a significant advantage to send accurate, complete bids to general contractors as fast as possible. Doing so manually, however, can be difficult and tedious.

Humans are prone to error. Manually estimating bids consumes considerable time and resources. Fortunately, you can overcome this obstacle with the right construction estimating software.

To learn why every subcontractor should use estimating software, keep reading.

Do More, Better and Faster, With Estimating Software  

When bidding on a project, you need to get your estimates out fast. You need to produce profitable and accurate estimates quickly. With construction-specific digital estimating software, you can do just that.

Estimating software, such as Sage Estimating, can give you an advantage over your competition. It will provide you with a range of cost estimating features. More importantly, it can reduce the time that it takes you to produce an estimate considerably, cutting down the time it takes to complete estimates by 50% or more.

Sage Estimating streamlines the full process of generating an estimate. It serves as a central repository for all of your estimate information. You can even use it to create digital takeoffs and materials lists.

One Digital Tool for All Your Data  

With one digital tool, you can manage your entire estimating process. Sage Estimating enables you to consolidate all the data that you need in one place. What’s more, you can start building estimates in Sage the moment it’s installed and eliminate the risk that estimating spreadsheets often provide.

Digital estimating software empowers you to access data quickly and easily. Programs like Sage Estimating provide benefits no matter where you are in the estimate process. Additionally, it integrates with other applications, such as Sage 300 CRE and Sage 100 Contractor, so that you can seamlessly transition between your accounting and estimating software.

You can access key data quickly via the Sage Estimating user interface. Furthermore, you can move from one phase of the estimate process to the next seamlessly. You can also navigate different formats and kinds of data easily.

Best of all, estimating software is designed to be user-friendly, you don’t have to have a degree in computer programming to use Sage Estimating. It’s an intuitive program that you can use to create robust, detailed estimates using basic computer skills. With that, you can regain valuable time to manage other challenges.

Start Performing on a Higher Level  

Sage Estimating will help you get organized. It will put you light years ahead of performing estimates the old way.

The program eliminates the need to use multiple databases. A centralized database is highly advantageous. You can access the critical data that you need without ever leaving the program. Your database can also be tailored to best suit the needs of your specific core work type or niche.

Sage Estimating eliminates the guesswork involved with generating an estimate. With this program, you can create accurate estimates faster.

You must also use a variety of formulas. With a program like Sage Estimating, you can even simplify complex age estimating. Also, as you progress through developing an estimate, you must keep track of many minor details. However, with the right estimating system, it will keep track of all the details for you.

It also has intuitive calculation functions built right into the program. The program will update your estimates automatically as you add information. You can also store historical data, which you can then include in your current estimates.

In the end, Sage Estimating can give you a competitive edge. It will enable you to make the most of your time.

Real-Life Solutions for Real-Life Challenges  

As a successful subcontractor, accurate markups are essential for your profitability. Sage Estimating gives you the ability to markup estimates intelligently.

You must apply markups in a way that enables you to take full advantage of opportunities and you must be able to do them quickly.

Sage Estimating empowers you to apply and adjust markups faster than you could otherwise, and more accurately. As a result, you’ll win more bids and increase your profit on each contract.

Furthermore, Sage Estimating simplifies project takeoffs. Takeoffs and the takeoff process are some of the most important parts of your estimate.

It’s important to reproduce all the raw materials that you use and you need to do it accurately. However, it’s also important not to overestimate takeoffs. Either outcome will cause a problem.

Sage Estimating can also help you deal with market fluctuations more easily. Using the software, you can quickly gather the information needed for a new vendor quote.

All the Information You Need in One Place  

Sage Estimating is an empowering program. It will provide you with robust reporting functionality.

Likely, you spend a lot of time creating reports. For example, you may currently use multiple programs to build an estimate.

If so, you’ll need considerable skill in operating each program. You’ll need competence in importing and exporting data between programs.

Lastly, you’ll need skill in presenting the information in a way that makes sense to stakeholders. For these reasons, it can be time-consuming to generate reports.

The integrated functionality of Sage Estimating eliminates all these problems. The program is faster and more efficient than using standalone applications or free construction estimate spreadsheets.

Teaming up for Technology Empowerment  

There are many reasons why subcontractors should use estimating software, but now you need a partner who can get you up to speed with Sage Estimating quickly.

For those looking to streamline their full construction process and gain an edge over the competition, estimating software should be a primary consideration.

Enhance your workflow by utilizing a robust, powerful estimating platform, and reach out to one of our experts today!