Sage 100 Contractor

Tired of fighting software designed for flower shops? Get your construction business under control with powerful, integrated features that touch every process.

Take Control With Sage 100 Contractor

The Problem It Solves

Sage 100 Contractor gets you out from between the rock of generic applications, and the hard place of expensive construction software. It gives you everything you need to profitably run your business, in one fully integrated, easy-to-use solution.

Your Immediate Return

You can have Sage 100 Contractor running and productive in your business in 30 days. Start receiving the project information you need, getting your suppliers in compliance, and crushing it when it comes to efficiency.

Long-Term Gain

Implement Sage 100 Contractor now and benefit for years to come. The ROI on Sage 100 Contractor comes at every turn. Host your Sage 100 Contractor in the cloud and get your work done anywhere.

Main Features

Construction Accounting

PO’s, Subcontracts and Change Management
Service Management
Performance Dashboards

User Interface

Your accounting and project management data are available anytime on your desktop or laptop.

Sage 100 Contractor Desktop | Bangert, Inc


Construction Accounting

A complete construction accounting suite, including: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Job Cost, and a collection of several hundred pre-defined reports and dashboards.


Estimating that naturally and seamlessly integrates with every other part of the system. Build an estimate at any level of detail needed, create a proposal, win the job, create a project and a schedule, pull from inventory, and generate all the PO’s and subcontracts without re-entering a single thing. Drop the mike.

PO’s, Subcontracts and Change Management

Keep you commitments under control with integrated purchasing and contracting functions that tie back to jobs, revenue, and accounts payable. Create and monitor both revenue and cost change orders and send all documents via Outlook from within the system.

Service Management

Keep customers happy, your service department organized and importantly, get bills out the door instantly and collect faster.

Mobile: Sage Field Operations

Deploy Sage Field Operations and go mobile with all your critical daily tasks. Collect time from the field, enter daily reports, schedule and complete service requests, collect photos and more on your phone or tablet.

Performance Dashboards

Keep you commitments under control with integrated purchasing and contracting functions that tie back to jobs, revenue, and accounts payable. Create and monitor both revenue and cost change orders and send all documents via Outlook from within the system.

Invoice Scanning, Routing, and Approval

Say goodbye to paper and delays. Sage Paperless Construction allows related documents to be stored with the affiliated record, creates approval routing, and allows the work to be done from the field on your mobile device.

Document Management

Have a solid grip on all project-related documents, from RFI’s to punchlists – all built-in.


Sage’s integrated scheduling works seamlessly with Estimating and project. One platform, one way to work.

Project Work Center

Customizable Project Work Center is standard. One place for all project-related tasks. No hunting, no pecking.

Automated Reporting

No one stays in front of a screen all the time. Sage stays in touch no matter what with automated, powerful reporting that’s customizable to the data you need most.

Instant Notifications

Software should work for you. Sage 100 contractor will send you notifications when something you want to know about occurs.


Sage Field Operations – Sage Construction Project Center – hh2 – Liberty Reports – Excel – Outlook

Sage 100 Contractor Reviews

Reliable Accounting and Project Management Software

“Sage 100 Contractor is reliable and fairly easy to use once you learn the basics. I also like that it is integrated into our new Procore Project Management Software.”

Administrator in Construction

Mid-Market(51-200 employees)

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The ideal software that every contractor should have.

“This system has enchanted me because it has allowed me to keep up to date everything related to the database, and it also helps us with everything related to the payroll and the human resources team to be effective in their work, this system is capable of issuing complete and detailed reports.

Pauline G. K
Office Manager
Mid-Market(51-200 employees)

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Solid solution for small to medium size business

“We’ve used Sage for over 5 years and it does everything we need. It’s particular good with AP and AR as well as Payroll. I’ve particularly enjoyed the recent upgrade that includes a SQL Server database. It’s very well documented and has allowed us to create powerful queries that automate a lot of the work we were doing from a reporting standpoint.”

Chris W
VP of Technology & Human Resources
Mid-Market(51-200 employees)

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