Sage 300 Construction And Real Estate

The most widely used and acclaimed construction management software in North America.

Take Control With Sage 300 Construction And Real Estate

The Problem It Solves

Sage 300 CRE touches every aspect of your construction business. For 34 years Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate has powered leading companies in North America. Superior financial reporting, competent project management, complete functionality are the hallmarks you can count on.

Your Immediate Return

When you implement Sage 300 CRE in your business, you start getting the information you’ve been missing and eliminating time-consuming processes and delayed reporting that hinder your progress.

Long-Term Gain

With 300 Construction and Real Estate, you have the peace of mind that you’re on a platform that has delivered time and again for thousands of companies like yours. You have the confidence that it will perform well for decades to come.

Main Features

Complete Financial Management

Project Accounting

Integrated Document Management

Mobile Reporting

Service Management

Job + Vendor Compliance

Workflows and Alerting

Project Management

PO, Subcontract, and Change Management

User Interface

Rely on Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s construction-tested UI for ease of use and familiar access to your company’s heartbeat.

Mobile Projects

Optimized For Mobile

Easy-to-use interface that supports Android, iOS, and Windows. Giving you the best experience no matter what device you use.

Create Field Reports

Capture information while you’re on the jobsite on any device. Real-time data is available in the field and the back office, eliminating paperwork and duplicate data.

Manage RFIs

Create new RFIs with shortcuts, pulling data from your Sage 300 Construction address book. Set a priority level as well as attach documents and photos.


Complete Financial Management

Sage 300 CRE’s financial suite sets the standard. Powerful inter-company and multi-company accounting along with all the integrated supporting modules required to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Project Accounting

Our project accounting delivers the information you need to make the right decisions at the right time. Analyze every detail or see the big picture. We’ve got it covered.

Integrated Document Management

Scan, attach, route and approve important documents and invoices with desktop and mobile apps.

Workflows and Alerting

Let Sage do the work. Automate tedious processes with workflows and alerts that bring the unseen to light. Know what’s happening no matter what.

Project Management

Cloud and desktop project management keeps you in control of your jobs. Create and share all the documents, changes, photos and more that your processes demand.

PO, Subcontract, and Change Management

Cloud and mobile commitment and change management features lay a foundation of solid management practice.

Mobile Reporting

Need info now? Done. Sage Mobile Reporting delivers what you need on the device you have.

Service Management

Your command center is the dispatch board. With Sage it can be in your office or mobile. Techs get all the call data on their mobile, maps, manuals, photos, service history, and problem report.

Equipment Costing

Make better equipment decisions and manage equipment inputs and billings.

Go Mobile

Time entry, daily reports, invoice approvals, reports and more are all available on Sage’s mobile platforms.


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Sage 300 CRE Reviews

I love the product

“What I like best about this administration is that the client experience setup which fits in with that of the wary client. There are numerous shields incorporated with this product all encompassing the activity of information passage. For instance, it is hard to finish off of the underlying begin screen on Sage 300 while altering receivable or passages which spares you from eradicating unsaved work. The client and seller list by sequential order and passage request likewise help to combine surveys of equalizations amid month to month bookkeeping cycles.”

Eugene H
Construction Management Specialist
Small-Business(11-50 employees)

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Great For Accounts Payable and Receivable Quick Reference

What I like best about this service is that the user experience setup which conforms to that of the cautious user. There are many safeguards built into this software all surrounding the action of data entry. For example, it is difficult to close out of the initial start screen on Sage 300 while adjusting receivable or entries which saves you from erasing unsaved work. The customer and vendor list by alphabetization and entry order also help to consolidate reviews of balances during monthly accounting cycles.

Brian R
Small-Business(11-50 employees)

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Favorite Accounting Software

“Sage is an excellent way to track expenses and revenue for construction. I am able to track construction costs in detail. There are many tools to maintain retainage for each subcontractor and track which retainage has been paid and what exactly has not been paid by simple glance or reports as needed. I can also have pending invoices versus released and posted invoices, which makes life easier at the end of each month tracking down what I do not have approved from each employee.”

Loren C
Accounting Assistant

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