There are over 2 million customers that are served by using Sage Intacct and that number continues to grow. As for the users ranging in the thousands, many of them are representatives of companies or finance departments. This means that there may be even more people utilizing the platform and benefiting from the transition out of out-of-date accounting software. 

Sage Intacct is the flagship product of Sage Software, and it is a cloud-based enterprise accounting software. It is known for its robust set of features, flexible reporting, and customizable interface that make it an ideal accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses or larger. That hasn’t even scratched the surface of the main benefits of using Sage Intacct. 

Another product of Sage that is an on-premise system is Sage 300 CRE, which only really includes the core modules of the product. If you are looking to update your accounting workflow and transform the way you do business, then a switch from Sage 300 CRE to Sage Intacct might be what you need. 

Keep reading as we explain the key differences between the two and the best times to consider implementation.

The Key Differences Between Sage 300 CRE and Sage Intacct 

Sage 300 CRE used to be called Accpac which is a solution that’s used for resource planning on an enterprise level. The product helps end-users with enhancing their decision-making processes and connects business operations like accounting and manufacturing. 

Sage Intacct, however, works to automate all the accounting processes that a business possesses. It can also help to increase productivity by allowing for the implementation of multiple apps and an easy-to-use system that can be used anywhere. Let’s look at the key differences between the two.

Sage 300 CRE

Sage 300 CRE can add modules during its use. Also, because this system is an on-premises product, you can only host it from one location. This could pose issues for businesses that want to expand or that want to tailor their services to what the public needs, which often changes. 

The issue with Sage 300 CRE is that there isn’t much room for growth. Sage Intacct, however, is completely built-in and a more robust application. The Sage 300 CRE version has a free trial that will often last for two weeks as well. 

Sage Intacct

The main difference that Sage Intacct offers is its ability to be flexible. The software can handle an unlimited amount of users, and what’s better is that it’s a cloud-based system. This means that you can access the platform from anywhere and at any time. 

In fact, Sage Intacct is the first pick for many organizations. Most of this is due to the growth that the product offers. Increased efficiency and the ability to automate revenue projects play a big factor as well. 

One area where it may be lacking is the HR department. While this is a feature consumers may inquire about, Sage Intacct was created to focus on streamlining construction accounting operations. The system can also: 

  • Handle unlimited transactions 
  • All the computing the platform does is through the cloud 
  • Take away unnecessary expenses 
  • Eliminates limitations on the work you can do and from where 

While the bulk of the differences are the platform inclusion and multiple features, the main area where these two accounting platforms differ is the way the application is run. Sage 300 CRE is what you would call an on-premises application, as we mentioned earlier. In comparison, Sage Intacct has a leg up over its more basic counterpart.  

The right accounting ERP software provides you with valuable insight and functionality to ensure the success of your business. But what happens when you can no longer grow with your software? 

This is when you need to know when to switch from Sage 300 CRE to Sage Intacct. Sage Intacct is the industry-leading replacement for Sage 300 CRE. 

Not to mention, older versions of Sage 300 CRE are often no longer supported or come with technical support. If you need some convincing, consider the benefits of switching from Sage 300 CRE to Sage Intacct.

The Benefits of Using Sage Intacct and Why It’s So Popular 

Sage Intacct is a hugely popular accounting software since it is completely cloud-based and has a variety of mobile apps available. This means that you can access your accounting data wherever you are, whenever you need it, and from any device. 

The flexibility that comes with Sage Intacct also means that you can create custom-generated reports based on your business’s unique needs, which can save significant time and effort. Let’s take a look at more of the benefits of Sage Intacct: 

  • Ability to scale 
  • Decreased IT costs 
  • Simple and flexible configuration 
  • Easy to use 
  • Ability to analyze data in real-time 

If you want comprehensive reporting, data analysis, and inventory tracking, Sage Intacct has solutions to fit what you do and what you need. 

When Is the Best Time to Upgrade from Sage 300 CRE to Sage Intacct?

Overall, the best time to migrate over to using Sage Intacct will depend on your business needs. You also want to pay close attention to your operating budget. 

A Sage Intacct integration can range in price, but oftentimes it will fluctuate between $15,000 and sometimes higher figures based on a few factors. The overall price will depend on how many users you plan to include and the amount of your annual subscription. Once businesses make the switch, they will often start to see the benefits right away through their operations. 

A few other times when you should be considering a transition over to Sage Intacct would be: 

  • When your business is consistently growing 
  • You have remote employees with multiple functions 
  • In need of ways to increase both productivity and hiring opportunities 
  • You have the budget for the financial management solution 
  • You want to expand on an existing system such as Salesforce 

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