How Sage Intacct Construction Gives You Your Time Back

In the end, construction projects result in functional and impressive structures that will last for years to come.

As you know, a lot of time goes into taking those structures from concept to reality. Technology, however, can help you take back a great deal of that time. You can reclaim the time lost planning, monitoring, and executing your construction projects.

Sage Intacct is a remarkable accounting program right out of the box, it was built for managing construction financials by people in finance themselves. It empowers you to manage core financials with multi-dimensional visibility.

However, Sage Intacct Construction offers even greater capabilities for firms. The program serves the unique needs of the construction industry. It empowers building professionals, such as construction firms and real estate developers.

To learn about how Sage Intacct Construction gives you your time back, keep reading.

What Is Sage Intacct?  

Sage Intacct Construction is a comprehensive suite of cloud ERP and accounting software. It features comprehensive reporting tools tied together with a centralized dashboard. It’s especially suited for construction accounting and real estate accounting.

It incorporates features that closely resemble those found in Sage 300 Construction. However, Sage Intacct Construction is a new software offering that’s reconfigured for cloud computing.

This latest iteration of Sage Intacct provides construction companies with a wealth of new data. At the same time, the Sage Intacct dashboard makes this new fountain of information easy to navigate.

The construction version of Sage Intacct comes with industry-specific features. For example, it has cost code options. You can store and select option sets as needed.

Sage Intacct Construction also features a range of cost types. The program also allows you to define custom cost types. You can also restrict cost types to job levels.

The Sage program allows you to assess project data in myriad ways. What’s more, you can associate an unlimited amount of cost details with the Sage Intacct general ledger.

The ability to manipulate cost codes as needed greatly enhances your ability to estimate expenses. If you’re upgrading from Excel, you can easily import your project cost data into Sage Intacct.

Ultimately, Sage Intacct Construction is a powerful software resource. It enables construction managers to track project costs and productivity.

Sage Intacct Construction Saves You Time  

The Sage Intelligent Time feature eliminates the need to start and stop timers. It also eliminates the need to reconstruct your timesheet at the end of the week.

With Sage Intelligent Time, you’ll no longer need to dig through your calendar or send multiple emails to verify timekeeping facts.

The AI-powered feature also delivers time suggestions to users. Users can edit and accept those features as desired.

Sage Intelligent Time uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand your needs and streamline your business processes. In a short time, it makes time entry faster, more accurate, and much easier.

The technology ushers in a new era of time management. The AI-powered timesheet revolutionizes the timekeeping process.

Sage Intacct Construction also makes use of Intelligent Accounting. This feature, for example, can provide you with outlier detection functions.

Sage Intelligent accounting software evaluates journal entries automatically. It will then flag any abnormal entries.

The program will highlight the entry for your evaluation. The feature will save you a massive amount of time by allowing you to identify many small common errors easily.

What You Can Do With Sage Intacct  

Sage Intacct Construction is a native-cloud ERP solution that’s one of the best in its class. It will enable you to take a proactive approach to operational and financial management.

For example, it will increase your efficiency and reduce the time and cost associated with audits. The cloud data program will also help you to improve your company’s cash flow.

With Sage Intacct Construction, the task of managing complex financials is much easier. As an example, you can use the program to cut down on payment processing and invoicing. In many cases, you can reclaim up to 40 hours a month using the program.

By reducing manual entry, you can save thousands of dollars per year in overhead. You can also increase your profit on each project considerably.

Sage Intacct Construction will also enable you to validate spending automatically. As an example, you can limit spending based on predetermined criteria.

You can choose to deny transactions that exceed budget limitations automatically. Alternatively, you can program Sage Intacct to issue a warning if a transaction will exceed budget limits.

You can use Sage Intacct Construction to reduce project overspending risks. More importantly, however, you can use it to improve cash flow.

The Right Tool for the Job  

Today, many structures incorporate smart features. However, construction professionals have been slow to adopt technology for their own enterprises.

Now, a growing number of construction leaders are embracing cloud-based technology. It’s helping them gain a competitive edge.

Programs such as Sage Intacct Construction now provide firms with real-time information. With having data in real-time, decision-makers can improve organizational performance in the field and on the fly.

Sage Intacct Construction will help you to eliminate outdated manual procedures. It will also help you to improve organizational communication. In turn, better communication will lead to greater project efficiency and productivity.

With Sage Intacct Construction, you can get your entire team working together seamlessly. As an example, it will allow your staff members to update work orders and perform time entry.

It will also track project schedules and generate reports without you needing to lift a finger. With this level of automation, you can spend a great deal more time steering the ship and less time crunching numbers in the office.

Gain an Advantage in the Field  

Now that you know more about Sage Intacct Construction, the next step is taking your construction financial management to the cloud.

The construction industry is especially competitive and Sage Intacct Construction ERP can help take your firm to the next level.

With it, you can increase your competitive edge and have an operation that’s as high-tech as the structures that you build.

Bangert has provided firms with expert guidance for more than 35 years. Let us show you how to supercharge your company with Sage Intacct Construction and reach out to us today.

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