It’s said that the construction industry was one of the first to embrace the idea of mobile cloud computing. The reason is that the construction industry, by definition, has to be mobile, able to change designs, contractors, and much more while working on a project. While the construction industry wanted to embrace the world of mobile cloud-based solutions, it lagged and came to be known as one of the least digitized sectors on a global level.

Yet the benefits of the construction industry’s use of the mobile cloud keeps growing and now it’s become vital that contractors and construction firms learn how to leverage on the IT technology growing all around them. The complete guide below will help you understand how to transition from using field-based computers with Wi-Fi hotspots to managing your construction project in the field. It won’t matter where the construction project is as long as you have mobile access to a true cloud platform.

If you want to learn about how mobile cloud computing can enhance your construction industry company, continue reading.

What is Mobile Cloud Computing? | Bangert, Inc.

What is Mobile Cloud Computing?    

Using mobile phone cloud software for field operations or for general contractors can ensure that construction projects remain cost-effective in the field and schedule crews. It’s a flexible operation that provides the benefit of mobility no matter where you’re located. Modern IT mobile cloud computing reduces inherent construction delays that are due to unpredictable and uncontrollable events like weather or legal red tape.

Using a mobile cloud computing app like accounting software, you can sync your construction delivery timelines and activities to an organized operation method. Mobile cloud computing allows you to collaborate in real-time while entering timesheets or project task deliverables. You can even use the cloud-based applications to have your teams share streamlined information between the home office and the construction job or field site.

By the end of 2024, it is projected that more than 85% of organizations in the United States will embrace a cloud-first strategy. This trend first became especially apparent in 2020, when most industries had to determine the best way to conduct business while maintaining a competitive advantage while operating in remote working locations.

What Is a Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution? | Bangert, Inc.

What Is a Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution?    

Mobile cloud solutions aren’t limited to just project management and remote time-tracking. For construction accounting, an ERP is a type of software that lets you manage every aspect of your business, from construction projects, accounting, job costing, to time & materials. Utilizing an ERP will help you with not only sticking to deadlines but also having stronger human resources tools. In short, an ERP can assist HR with better tracking data, compliance, and paying your employees on time and accurately.

A strategic cloud ERP system realizes the costs, benefits, and values of your company and gives you a data analysis that lets you chart your company’s competitive roadmap to success. Once you align your business vision with a cloud-based ERP solution, you’re able to integrate your business objectives seamlessly.

The result is that you have a cloud-based digital transformation that gives you new and improved ways to control your data, applications, and services. Modern mobile cloud adoption for construction helps your project managers stay cost-effective and IT secure in the field. It’s a flexible operation that provides the benefit of mobility no matter where you’re located.

Mobile Cloud Implementation for Project Managers    

Not all mobile cloud apps have management platforms that are equal in value when implemented. Construction companies need to have a value-added reseller (VAR) that provides stellar knowledge and esteemed experience while you’re transitioning over to the cloud. All too often, companies lose money annually through lost productivity.

Digital transformation benefits companies receive when getting and implementing mobile cloud computing is unlimited. Construction project managers see more and more valuable benefits from mobile cloud computing that performs data transfers and measures infrastructure end-results for every construction operation.

The money-making completions that construction companies are incurring help the construction industry’s profitable growth across the board. Having mobile access while in the field or at any project location is why 85% of contractors have already made the transition or plan to transition to mobile cloud computing. There’s now a way to master the IT methodologies and get the most out of the software and cloud-based future-forward resources.

The Way Forward     

When you want to know more about the extensive benefits of having mobile access to a true-cloud platform, reach out to Bangert. We’ll help you find the right construction software based on what you need.

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Whichever mobile cloud computing solution you envision, Bangert will help you get there. Reach out and find out all the benefits you can plug in to by making sure your next call is to our experts.

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