Wearable technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming nearly every industry, and the construction industry is no exception to this change. This cutting-edge technology is one of the greatest innovations in modern construction safety protocols, providing construction professionals with a safer and more secure working environment.

But with the significant rise in IoT in construction, many people wonder what the future of construction holds and how technology will play a role in improving on-site construction site safety. This article will help you out by exploring emerging IoT safety solutions and the world of smart construction so you can prepare for the innovations ahead. Let’s dive in!

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors are transforming the future of construction in many ways, promoting construction safety by collecting essential data related to various worker tasks. Smart sensors gather and distribute data that helps construction managers determine dangerous behaviors on-site – allowing managers to detect safety concerns before they happen to prevent injury or damage.

Smart sensors are crucial to improving worker safety and are available as wearable IoT devices to track and monitor worker behavior. These sensors can also be integrated into construction safety gear and placed around the site for a complete view of safety during construction projects. They provide the information necessary to take corrective action whenever an issue is detected, safeguarding construction workers and businesses.

Wearable Devices Construction 

One of the biggest digital construction trends is the rising popularity of wearable technology. These technologies are crucial to helping construction workers get jobs done safely and detecting danger zones during on-site construction projects. Among the numerous popular wearables for the construction industry are the following:

  • Smart boots: These boots track worker movement throughout the job site and include external and internal sensors that alert managers if workers are in an unsafe area or experience an injury.
  • Smartwatches: Watches are some of the most notable wearable technologies and can track worker health and activities on-site. These devices are often used for hands-free communication – essential when injuries occur, and immediate attention is needed.
  • Augmented reality glasses: Safety glasses are a standard precaution for construction projects, and wearable technology allows this equipment to enhance worker safety. Smart glasses reduce accidents by detecting risky areas so workers can avoid danger zones.
  • Smart hard hats: Hard hats are another wearable technology that is increasingly important to construction site safety. These hats use embedded smart sensors to monitor construction sites and worker movements, alerting workers if a dangerous situation arises. Some of these devices monitor workers’ vital signs to ensure they stay safe on-site.


Telematics Devices 

Telematics is another way that the IoT is transforming the construction industry. These devices are created and embedded in heavy construction equipment and provide information about different pieces of equipment, ensuring that equipment is healthy and operating correctly. This action also promotes driver safety to protect workers on-site from injury.

Telematic devices incorporate GPS positioning to track some of the following information about individual equipment:

  • Fuel usage
  • Engine speed
  • Equipment location

Beyond providing information about equipment health, telematics data allows construction managers to determine how safely employees operate and whether they follow proper safety procedures. These devices offer alerts for abnormal equipment behavior to help prevent equipment theft, which can incur hefty costs.

Drone Technology 

Monitoring workplace safety is only possible through construction safety devices like drones. Drones are one of the most popular IoT safety solutions because of their ability to access and inspect dangerous or inaccessible locations necessary to understand the scope of a construction project.

Drone technology is crucial because on-site injuries like falling can occur when workers need to climb structures to take measurements or determine structural integrity. Drones eliminate the need for workers to put themselves in this risky situation by using HD cameras to inspect sites and communicate information. Many drones include thermal imaging technology to detect dangerous areas, leaks, or other issues that workers shouldn’t be exposed to.

Equipment Status Monitoring 

Construction injuries can occur when workers are operating with unsuitable or damaged equipment. Technology in construction is adapting to promote construction safety through real-time equipment status monitoring solutions.

Automated asset-tracking systems are one of the newest digital construction trends becoming commonplace on construction sites. These tracking systems will provide crucial information about equipment, including:

  • Value
  • Warranty terms
  • Location
  • Last service date
  • Type
  • Which employees have used the device
  • Upcoming service dates
  • Equipment operating status

This information helps construction managers guarantee that employees are working with healthy equipment that won’t fail during projects and helps workers understand how to operate equipment safely. Equipment status monitoring alerts managers of equipment showing signs of failure or requiring maintenance to work properly, allowing you to address problems before they occur.

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