When looking for an accounting solution for your construction business, you don’t just want any software – you need the best accounting software available that’ll fit your company’s growth and needs. While you might find many options on the market, you can find everything you’re looking for in Sage Intacct Construction. Sage Intacct Construction is the best construction accounting software for numerous reasons, providing unmatched accessibility, versatility, reliability, and flexibility.

But what makes Sage Intacct Construction the best accounting system for construction operations and accounting and how can you benefit? Read more to find out how Sage Intacct Construction will help you!

What is Sage Intacct Construction? 

Before exploring the software’s powerful functionality that makes it the best construction account software available, let’s cover the basics: what is Sage Intacct Construction? Sage Intacct Construction, a cloud-based platform, specializes in managing crucial accounting processes specific to the construction industry. This encompasses payroll, project accounting, and financial management. The platform equips construction professionals with detailed financial insights and reporting, enhancing their ability to navigate and optimize construction accounting seamlessly.

The platform provides numerous benefits and allows users to streamline accounting and financial management processes to save time and money. Sage Intacct Construction boasts the following core features:

  • Allocations and management
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Job costing
  • Cash management
  • Project costing and billing
  • Time and expense management
  • Reporting and dashboards


Powerful Integrations 

One of the biggest reasons you should choose Sage Intacct Construction for your accounting software is its robust integration capabilities – notably, its ability to integrate with Sage Construction Management.

Sage Intacct Construction is another cloud-native solution tailored to the construction industry and brought to you by Sage. By investing in this cloud-to-cloud integration, construction teams can unlock numerous benefits:

  • Connect field teams and back to the office seamlessly
  • Request bids and track leads
  • Manage a project throughout its lifecycle, from end-to-end
  • Track commitments and change orders
  • Share information seamlessly between all parties on a construction project
  • Enhance record keeping and access records created in Procore from your Sage Intacct platform
  • Manage multi-entity consolidations

When integrated with Sage Construction Management, Sage Intacct Construction has additional benefits. This integration combines three application components to manage projects, conduct job costing and estimating, and optimize construction accounting processes. This solution streamlines several construction management and operations aspects for a seamless accounting process.

Advanced Reporting 

Sage Intacct Construction is also notable for its advanced reporting capabilities. Paper-based reporting systems are prone to inaccuracies and can become incredibly time-consuming, making it vital for construction professionals to have access to accurate reporting without the hassle.

Sage Intacct Construction drives results by providing 30-50% faster reporting than before, allowing you to gather crucial insights into your organization’s finances to make accurate and informed decisions. The comprehensive reports provided by Sage Intacct Construction let you identify problems and create solutions to mitigate issues and protect your company’s financial well-being.

Manage Multiple Entities 

Managing one entity without help from advanced accounting software is challenging enough – but when that one entity becomes multiple entities, it’s nearly impossible to handle accounting processes without some help. Sage Intacct Construction makes managing multiple entities, such as several construction companies or projects, easy.

Sage Intacct Construction offers a centralized platform that lets you track all entities, saving you time and providing insights into how each entity performs and what improvements can be made across different entities.

Enhance Flexibility 

Achieving optimal business flexibility is paramount, and Sage Intacct Construction excels in this regard. Gain comprehensive insights across all entities, enabling real-time performance monitoring and seamless adjustments as needed.

With Sage Intacct Construction, critical information is at your fingertips, accessible anytime and anywhere through a centralized platform. This unparalleled flexibility proves invaluable, particularly for on-site workers who require instant access to crucial data. Explore the extensive integrations available, and discover that Sage Intacct Construction offers even greater flexibility than you might envision.

Scale Your Business 

As your company grows, you want an accounting solution that will grow. Sage Intacct Construction is the best accounting software to grow alongside your business, providing a scalable solution for all construction companies, regardless of size.

Whether you’re a small business looking to grow or a large organization that needs a system to keep up with multiple entities, Sage Intacct Construction is your solution. As you grow your business, you can include new users in the Sage Intacct Construction platform and expand the system’s functionalities to accommodate your company’s new needs.

Automate Manual Processes 

Construction workers often struggle with not having enough time for important tasks due to relying on manual processes. With Sage Intacct Construction, manual processes are a thing of the past. Whether you’re struggling to meet short deadlines or caught up with so much work you can’t prioritize the things that matter, Sage Intacct Construction can take a load off your shoulders.

Sage Intacct Construction handles several accounting processes, including billing, invoicing, and payments, with automation features to free up time and let you focus on the work you love and the projects you need to complete. Sage Intacct Construction also provides customizable automation features so you can automate the manual tasks that are bringing you down while maintaining the tasks you’re prepared to handle independently.

Improve Collaboration 

No construction project is completed independently – meaning you need a tool that can simplify collaboration between all relevant parties for a specific project. Sage Intacct Construction can simplify collaboration, providing various tools to ensure project managers stay organized and collaborate with team members for the best final result.

With Sage Intacct Collaborate, team members can share and communicate key information, such as contract details, invoices, project budgets, and any changes made during the project’s trajectory. This enhanced collaboration guarantees everyone on your team is on the same page and working toward a common goal, ensuring a high-quality result.

Try Sage Intacct Construction Today 

Sage Intacct Construction is the best construction accounting software on the market. With its expansive features and solutions built for construction companies of all sizes, Sage Intacct Construction is an undoubtedly robust system that will help your business grow.

At Bangert, we empathize with the natural hesitation that arises when considering a new accounting solution. That’s precisely why we’re here to alleviate those concerns by extending an invitation to experience Sage Intacct Construction firsthand through a personalized demo. Seize the opportunity today—request your demo and witness the transformative power of Sage Intacct Construction in revolutionizing your business processes. Don’t just imagine the possibilities; let’s bring them to life together.