Sage Paperless Construction

Document Control Built For Construction.

Automate your accounts payable workflow and gain control over electronic content. Store, retrieve, and route documents —creating a routing approval workflow with Document Control built for the Construction Industry.

Store and Protect Critical Documents

Paperless eliminates lost paperwork and protects your organization from document theft. Index, protect, and manage your content enabling your team to find documents quickly and efficiently.

Upload and Capture

Scan, eCapture, upload, and import any document type from anywhere. Paperless allows your to capture content from XML import, forms, Microsoft Office, and more.

Index and Store

Define indexes and document types to securely store documents on any device or network drive. Build a stronger, more protected document database —eliminating the paper chase.

Say Goodbye To The File Cabinet

With Sage Paperless Construction, start easing the burden of work on your accounting and operations staff and improve productivity through automating your routing and approval workflow processes.

Retrieve In Seconds

With Sage Paperless Construction use any combo of keywords or index fields to retrieve documents with ease.

Routing and Approval

Distribute single or multiple documents to employees and executives electronically using predefined rules. Establish return dates, monitor rout progress, and review the status of your routed documents.

Locked Down Security

Allow your team to see documents based on what they need to see. With document and index-level security, Paperless keeps onlookers out and your content protected.

Powerful Integrations

Paperless is built for Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. Save time, reduce cost, and keep track of your supporting documentation right within your construction accounting software.

Complete Construction Document Control

One platform to streamline document control

  • Save Time Lost By Searching For Misplaced Files
  • Improve Productivity With Easier Access To Accounting & Project Documents
  • Increase Efficiency With Automated Document Routing & Approval
  • Make Payments Faster And Easier To Track
  • Eliminate The Need For Paper Files