At Bangert, we are proud to announce a significant evolution in our approach to software implementation for the construction industry. With a rich history spanning over 40 years as a construction software reseller and Business Partner for Timberline and Sage, we’ve recognized the need for change. Traditional methods of software implementation, often seen as outdated, expensive, and time-consuming, are no longer sufficient in today’s fast-paced environment. Therefore, we have introduced a next-generation approach to software deployment: The Bangert Way for Sage Intacct Construction and Sage Construction Management.

This strategy is deeply rooted in our understanding of what drives customer success: knowledge transfer over billable hours. Chief Operating Officer Reid Bangert said that the catalyst in changing our business model comes from direct customer feedback:

“When we surveyed our customers, the ones who had the deepest understanding of their software received the most return and are by far the happiest customers we have.”

This innovative approach to implementation is structured around three core elements:

Enablement: Self-guided comprehensive courses at no cost. Bangert Enablement provides foundational, hands-on learning of Sage Intacct to kickstart Deployment, eliminating the forced, outdated sales process.

Deployment: Sage Intacct customers deploy their system at their own pace with guided live classes and daily Q&As to make sure there are no knowledge gaps as they go from zero to live based on their timeline.

Refinement: Once live, the customer can fine-tune Sage Intacct with Bangert’s team of experts to meet their unique needs with custom reports, dashboards, smart events, and much more as their business evolves.

The change to our business model marks a significant departure from the conventional software implementation methodology, which often entails hundreds of billable hours at substantial hourly rates. Embracing this innovative approach, Sage Intacct customers can now navigate a clear deployment roadmap, experience predictable service costs, and access a wealth of resources that are consistently available at their fingertips. “Unlike a traditional implementation where instruction comes by the hour and is gone like the wind, Bangert Deployment is available forever and will be a valuable ongoing resource for our customers,” said CEO and president, Kurt Bangert, emphasizing the enduring nature of Bangert’s offerings. This shift underscores our dedication to providing lasting value well beyond the initial setup.

This business model overhaul represents more than just a change in operations; it is a commitment to progress and a reflection of our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and expertise. The move was made possible by our understanding of the construction industry’s demands, recognizing that today’s professionals require agility, depth of knowledge, and a software provider that centers on the customer experience above all else. COO Reid Bangert, encapsulates this by emphasizing the company’s new direction: “We give our customers the tools, knowledge, and confidence to take true ownership of their systems. You buy our knowledge, not our time.”

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