Sage is the market leader in job cost accounting for construction companies with over 40 years of experience in the industry. It’s with this expertise that we deliver Sage ToolOps, a flexible, cloudbased platform for tool, equipment, materials, and consumables management. Sage ToolOps is powered by ToolWatch, a pioneer in resource management for more than 25 years. Drive increased productivity, better decision making, and decreased tool loss with Sage ToolOps.This is what The Bangert Way provides you and our clients:

Productivity Starts with Visibility

You have thousands of tools that are constantly moving back and forth between the warehouse and the jobsite. It can be overwhelming to think about where those resources are at any given moment and if they’re efficiently allocated to reach maximum productivity.

Sage ToolOps provides field, warehouse and office teams real-time visibility and insight into how resource allocation, tracking and management impact productivity and your company’s bottom line.

Construction companies choose to use Sage ToolOps for:

  • Accurate inventory allocation
  • Higher utilization of tools and equipment
  • Improved cost control
  • Better reporting
  • Easier management of service, inspections and calibrations
  • Increased safety and compliance

“The Sage ToolOps team knows what they’re doing— they know the construction industry and they know what we need out of a tool management solution. We also were drawn to the cloud deployment model of Sage ToolOps since it provides our employees with access from anywhere and also makes implementation and ongoing maintenance simpler for us.”

– Tony Herring, Field Operations Manager, Woodruff Construction


Tracking your tools, equipment, and consumables are the first step to success. It drives accountability, reduces loss, and decreases costs by eliminating unnecessary purchases.

Sage ToolOps Tracking helps:

  • Drive accountability to
    reduce tool loss
  • Eliminate the need to track down necessary tools
  • Streamline your field requisition and fulfillment process


The transition from tactical tool tracking to more strategic tool management is essential. It enables your team to better understand tool investment, drive higher ROI, and gain greater utilization of assets.

Sage ToolOps Management can:

  • Improve estimates with automatic accrual of tool and equipment costs
  • Reduce downtime with maintenance schedules and notifications
  • Maintain critical safety


Extend and tune Sage ToolOps to match your expanding operational needs with a range of powerful features to that take tool tracking and management to the next level.

Sage ToolOps Enterprise offers:

  • Custom integrations with full access to the application programming interface
  • Extensive data management and analytics tools
  • Custom reports to meet all your reporting needs
Feature Tracking Management Enterprise
Tool and Equipment Tracking X X X
Materials and Consumable Tracking X X X
Field Mobile App Access X X X
Warehouse Mobile App Access X X X
Field Requisitions X X X
Pick Tickets and Transfers X X X
Verify Tools X X X
Count Inventory X X X
Dashboard Access X X X
Notifications X X X
Standard Reports X X X
Role Based Access 5 Roles Unlimited Unlimited
Integration with Sage 100 Contractor X X X
Integration with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate X X
Service and Calibration X X
Purchasing and Receiving X X
Job Cost and Billing X X
Sandbox Access X
Custom Reports X
API Access X
Reporting Cloud X

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