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Never Lose A Tool Again

Track your tools and equipment, providing visibility and accountability throughout your construction company – from your office to the job site.

Track Your Tools In The Cloud

Stop wasting time and money on lost or missing tools and manual processes. Transition to active tool, small equipment, and consumable management with Sage ToolOps. Manage and audit your entire tool lifecycle, true cost, purchasing, servicing, managing contract rates and more.

Integrate Your Tools With Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE

Sage ToolOps seamlessly integrates with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE, automatically syncing data between the applications. With this integration, it means employees in the office can eliminate double entries and paperwork, cutting down labor costs, and boosting efficiency. However, Sage ToolOps can also be utilized as a standalone product.

Streamline Job Cost and Billing

ToolOps will not only streamline your field requisition but also your job cost and billing. Generate tool charges to your jobs and add the costs directly to Job Cost. Turn around and bill directly to your customer or keep tabs right in your projects, all the while saving time and reducing manual errors. With ToolOps’ aggregated billing data, it allows you to have more detailed information, including summaries.

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Mobile App To Empower Your Field Operations

Whether it’s in the field or office, track your tools and inventory with the ToolOps construction tool tracking app. With its simple interface, you can create pick tickets and transfers with no limitations to the number of users at a time.

Features For Any Location At Any Time

Manage tools across multiple locations, including transferring equipment, requesting from the warehouse, or verifying the status of certain tools. With ToolOps, you’ll not only search for materials but also track equipment usage and consumables. Additionally, set up automated messaging, ensuring that the right people are automatically notified when materials are at a low count.

Choose the Right Plan for Your Company

Have greater transparency with role-based access control across your organization. No matter how big or small the size of your construction company is, choose a plan based on the number of tools you are wanting to track.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Woodruff leverages Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate with Sage ToolOps to lower costs and drive efficiency.

To ensure it is optimizing the productivity of its teams and maximizing the value of its tools and equipment, Woodruff Construction added Sage ToolOps powered by ToolWatch to its Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate solution.



Accountability & Efficiency


The Missing Tool Gap

“We can bring full usage detail of every tool into Sage 300 CRE where it is available for both costing and billing.”

Tony Herring,
Field Ops Manager
Woodruff Construction

Sage ToolOps Reviews

Best in checking efficiency of machine and manage tools in civil project.

“It has helped me check on the efficiency of the tool before engaging it for work. It has also helped me manage the materials, therefore all materials are used effectively. It has helped control the misuse of materials. It has enhanced proper material utilization, hence less wastage and little loss. It has made it easy to manage and check on the efficiency of machines before exposing to work.”

Tonny W
Civil Engineer
Civil Engineering

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“ToolOps improves the management of tools and equipment. All tools in the system are tracked so no need of tracking missing tools. I use ToolOps for easy management of tools and equipment in our industry. So far our tools have been managed efficiently without compromising our gains.”

User in Food Production

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