Construction professionals need software that both meets their immediate needs and adapts to help them overcome the challenges of tomorrow. Sage Intacct Construction is a cloud-based platform created to accomplish just that, augmenting the daily operations of construction businesses by managing a variety of accounting processes.

Designed with the construction industry in mind, Sage Intacct Construction leverages intuitive design features, and some resellers, like Bangert, have ongoing educational programs to make adopting and adapting the technology a breeze. Read on for more information about Sage Intacct and the resources it provides to empower construction employees and support a continuous learning environment.

Simplify Daily Operations with Sage Intacct’s Intuitive Design 

What’s one surefire way to drive down user adoption rates with new software? A clunky interface. An intuitive, easy-to-understand interface enables users to interact with and learn a new system faster and with greater efficiency. The process should feel natural and require minimal cognitive effort on the part of the user, flowing seamlessly from step to step.

That is exactly what construction businesses can expect with Sage Intacct. The sleek, intuitive design of Sage Intacct allows users to access the data they need anytime and anywhere without hassle. Empower your employees to make the best decisions possible by providing them with constant access to crucial data through a streamlined portal.

Sage Intacct’s communication features are also simple to navigate. Users can share invoices, project budgets, contract details, and more, helping the team stay focused on their current mission and eliminating the slow, often tedious back-and-forth of clumsy email chains.

A simple interface makes new users feel more confident as well. A new user will have to dedicate less time and effort to learning how to operate the software, freeing them up to start utilizing it in their daily operations much sooner. With a reduced learning curve and more confidence in their actions, users, new and old, may even find better ways to take advantage of the software and feel more prepared to help other users troubleshoot issues.

Revolutionizing Software Implementation: Bangert’s Approach for Sage Intacct Construction 

Exclusively from Bangert, Inc., Bangert Deployment for Sage Intacct Construction offers a groundbreaking approach to software implementation. This proven process is distinct from standard Sage training, but it complements it effectively. It comprises four key elements: Courses, Classes, Homework, and Milestones, designed to streamline and enhance your experience with Sage Intacct.

Bangert Deployment’s structured learning framework includes:

  • Courses: Dive into video coursework that empowers you to set your own schedule and pace.
  • Classes: Benefit from live classes instructed by our Sage Intacct Experts.
  • Homework: Follow a checklist of essential tasks within Sage Intacct before advancing to the next course.
  • Milestones: Engage in one-on-one milestone check-ins, allowing you to validate your progress.

At Bangert, we understand that everyone has their unique learning style and speed. With Bangert Deployment, you have the freedom to adapt your learning journey, or you can follow our recommended schedule.

Each milestone comprises different courses and lessons that will prepare you for going live, which include:

Data Import: Lay out your deployment roadmap and make sure you have all the necessary resources available to begin deployment.

Core Accounting: Configure core accounting modules and overall company settings as well as document management processes.

Projects: Learn how to set up project workflows and work with documents like contracts and bills within the software.

Workflow Training and Testing: Test out your system to make sure the workflows are configured successfully.

Go-Live: Explore the go-live process and find out exactly what you need to prepare for your own go-live.

Payroll (Only for Sage Intacct Payroll users): Optimize and streamline all payroll operations, including setting up payroll taxes, mastering timecards, and more.

Regardless of your employees’ prior experience levels, Bangert’s Sage Intacct training tools, as part of the Bangert Deployment, offer accessible opportunities for refining their technological skills. Whether they spend their days on-site or working from home, the flexible nature of our deployment structure ensures that Sage Intacct knowledge transfer will not be a one-time event but rather an ongoing process, with employees developing new skills over time.

Adapt and Adopt: Continuous Learning for Users 

In the dynamic world of construction, staying ahead requires not only the right tools but also the right approach to learning and adapting. Bangert Deployment for Sage Intacct Construction, offered exclusively by Bangert, offers a proven, groundbreaking approach to software implementation. While separate from Sage training, it complements it seamlessly, ensuring you get the most out of Sage Intacct.

In an industry where adaptation is key, Sage Intacct’s continuous learning tools, coupled with Bangert Deployment, make growth and change a natural part of your business. With an intuitive interface, online resources, and training programs, Sage Intacct evolves alongside your needs and will grow with your company.

Discover how our strategic approach can transform your business operations. Reserve your Clarity Call to start your journey toward efficient and innovative solutions.