Construction companies need to manage a lot of moving parts in their business, from project management to budgeting and accounting. With so many processes to keep track of, it’s essential to have systems in place that can help streamline these processes and maximize efficiency.

One solution that can help construction companies save time and increase revenue is the integration of an ERP-CRM (customer relationship management) system. In particular, Sage Intacct Construction is a popular choice for construction companies due to its compatibility with many industry-specific applications.

Read this guide on how an effective ERP-CRM integration can help you organize and take your business to new heights!

Act Quick on Customer Interactions  

One of the key integration benefits of an ERP-CRM system is the ability to act faster on each customer interaction.  By gathering all relevant information in one place – in the CRM software – construction companies can keep track of each customer interaction and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Know about each customer interaction, including orders, emails, contact details, meetings, products bought, and warranty details. This allows companies to reduce the number of errors that occur. For example, if a customer states their address has changed, the change will be in the ERP-CRM system.

With an integrated system, however, all of the relevant project information is available in the CRM software, allowing your representative to quickly answer the customer’s question and provide a high level of service. Additionally, the CRM software can be set up to send automated alerts to relevant team members when a customer interaction occurs, ensuring that follow-up tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Business Synchronization  

Rather than having to rely on separate data locations, a CRM integration allows companies to consolidate all relevant information in one place, reducing the risk of data errors and improving the accuracy of predictions and trend analysis. By having better visibility into future projects and expenses, construction companies can make more informed decisions and increase their sales performance.

The integration allows you to transfer data efficiently across multiple workflows through business. Enhanced workflows reduce costs, improve revenue generation, and produce useful reports.

Accurate Quoting  

Accurate quoting is critical for construction companies to secure new business and maintain positive relationships with clients. By integrating an ERP-CRM system like Sage Intacct, construction companies can easily check current product pricing and inventory levels of various construction projects and supplies, enabling them to provide more accurate assessments to clients.

With accurate data at their fingertips, companies can provide clients with precise shipment dates, lead times, and correct quotes, reducing the risk of delays, errors, and misunderstandings. This level of accuracy and transparency not only helps to ensure a successful project outcome but also increases the likelihood of repeat business and positive referrals.

Improved Invoicing  

Improved invoicing and payment processes are essential for a successful construction business.

Integrating an ERP-CRM system like Sage Intacct can streamline these processes, ensuring consistency and building trust with customers. By using Sage Intacct’s integrated payment processing and invoicing tools, businesses can automate payment and billing workflows, improving cash flow and reducing manual errors.

Sage Intacct also allows businesses to attach relevant documents to invoices, such as project updates or change orders, providing greater clarity and transparency to customers.

By adopting a modern, integrated approach to payment and billing, construction companies can increase their credibility, build trust with their customers, and streamline their operations for greater efficiency and profitability.

Improved Efficiency  

Manage processes and automate workflow in one place. Your team doesn’t have to spend time on tedious tasks that impact resources and time. Instead, teams can focus on crucial processes impacting the bottom line.

Teams can update or change information and enter transactions. Save money and time on labor costs. Data redundancy will be reduced, making processes easier for you and your team.

Leading Integrations  

With Sage Intacct’s open API, you’ll leverage project management, operations, and a CRM all in one. This means an improved cash flow, reduced cost of audits, and increased efficiency.


Procore is construction project management. It allows you to pull data on-demand and in real time between the systems. You won’t need to import or export files since you can communicate directly with your site. One-click access to financial information allows you to save time and focus on what matters in your business.


Salesforce is one of the most popular and respected CRM platforms available, offering a wide range of features and integrations that can benefit construction companies of all sizes. By integrating Salesforce with an ERP system like Sage Intacct, businesses can have a shared system of records with configurable workflows, allowing for greater collaboration and efficiency across multiple departments.

Sage Service Operations  

Work in less time with Sage Service Operations. You can have dispatch boards, job statuses, work orders, and invoice statuses. Everyone on the project will understand what’s occurring through any web browser, mobile device, or tablet.

The Benefits of an ERP-CRM Integration  

Ready to experience the benefits of an ERP-CRM integration for your construction business? Don’t waste any more time juggling data between disparate systems or manually tracking customer interactions.

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