Contractors are busy these days and finding experienced staff is a challenge. Is your team engaged in activities that return great value for your company? Find out why continuing to rely on paper is a no-win for construction companies.

One way you can increase your company’s productivity is to move to a Paperless office. But first, here are some reasons that you may want to continue to use paper.

The case for paper:

  1. You own a tree farm
  2. You like to recycle paper
  3. You want to devote a lot of square footage for paper record storage
  4. You like filing cabinets and manila folders
  5. You enjoy standing at the copy machine and talking with your co-workers

For a small contractor that doesn’t do more than a couple of jobs a year, sticking with Paper and being paper-based could be a good choice. On the other hand, if your construction business is more complex, read on to explore the benefits of paperless construction! Or listen to the developer of Paperless talk about why he created it and how you can benefit from going Paperless.

The case for going Paperless, from document management to project management!

1. Spend less money and save more time handling documents.

Touch the document once, and it’s appropriately stored in your Paperless system. Instead of copy, copy, file, file, and constantly asking: “Where is that file?”

2. Spend less on printing, copying, and physical storage

No need to keep the paper, shred it, and recycle. Use that wasted storage space for a cool employee lounge that your team has been waiting a long time for!

3. Instant access to your documents in real-time.

All of your documents are available to any of the appropriate users immediately, even on a mobile device. Instead of wasting time trying to find a paper file, Paperless (electronic) documents are available with a keyword. Rather than requiring you to memorize a complicated folder system to find a document, your Paperless system permits you to search for what you need with just a few pieces of information, such as the Job # or Vendor name.

4. Faster response time for invoice processing.

Make it easy for your staff that is generally out of the office to approve AP invoices. Now your field staff can easily view, apply Job coding & approve documents from a construction trailer or hotel room. No more lost invoices or delays in getting your vendors paid. Also, your accounting staff can answer questions faster since the documents they need are always available.


5. T&M invoice backup.

For those jobs you bill via T&M, one simple click of a button provides a PDF containing all the images associated with your T&M invoice to submit to your customer. This is a big improvement from having your staff hang out by the copy machine, thumbing through a stack of paper AP invoices and timesheets just to make copies of all of the documents needing to be sent with your T&M invoice.

Business owners and Accountants, if you want to learn more about how you can benefit by going Paperless, watch the video below: