A recent survey found most professionals spend too much time on tasks that are not as urgent nor the biggest priority throughout the day. Many construction contractors find themselves in this same situation, juggling bids, paperwork, and employees. One of the factors that plays into spending too much time on certain tasks is due to poor organization. 

There are several ways to get organized, including the latest construction software and an organized office. Excellent communication skills and daily reports also organize your construction contractor business. 

Check out six of the best ways to stay organized and increase productivity. 

1. Computer Software

The technology market is full of ways to keep you organized, but you want a system just for a construction contractor. Using software that operates in real-time and understands how a contracting business works are best for you. It keeps everything in one place.

Software that knows specialized accounting techniques will help you keep expenses and your budget organized. Project management software will keep room designs in one place.

Job sites are time-consuming. Staying organized with software for construction contractors gives you peace of mind. You’ll take comfort in knowing the technology will keep your contracting business in check.

2. Increase Communication

Customers searching for a ‘construction contractor near me’ want the best communication skills. They want a contractor to respond promptly and expect good communication throughout the process. The experts agree that effective communication builds engagement and morale.

Stay organized by returning phone calls and emails. Be sure to prioritize customer contact by the end of the day, even though it might be time-consuming. Tell your customers what you don’t know and let them know you’re on top of any problems. 

Communicate with your construction contracting team. Let your team know what’s expected and assign a time frame. When something doesn’t go right, let your team know immediately.

Moreover, when you show good communication as a contracting firm, people will trust you—both as a customer and employee.

3. Daily Reports

Contracting firms should use daily reports to get information from their field crews at job sites in real-time. What’s working? What’s not working? 

There are plenty of things to include in daily reports, including workers’ start and end times and any cost overruns. You can also include any weaknesses of a contractor. Ask workers to take pictures of the completed work. 

The right software can help you share daily reports in real-time so everyone can be on the same page. For example, home remodeling contractors can share kitchen upgrades; electricians and plumbers will know when to start.  

As a construction contracting manager, a daily report can indicate wasted time throughout the day and minimize cost overruns.

4. Make a List

Lists work for many parts of our lives, whether grocery shopping or weekend chores. Using a list for your construction business is no different. 

Keep a running list of things you must take care of by the end of the day (or week). Cross each item off your list. 

Be sure to list calling subcontractors or suppliers about job site updates. You may have to stop by a mechanic to see if a piece of equipment to ready to pick up. Prioritize things on the list geographically so you don’t waste time driving out of the way to each spot.  

Initially, a list might seem overwhelming, but you will quickly realize the sense of accomplishment when you cross each item off the list! Your ‘things to do’ list does not have to be high-tech; it can be as simple as a scratchpad.  

5. Delegate

Part of being a good manager is delegating your staff to complete tasks. Regardless of the project at hand, you want someone competent that you can trust. When you can trust the job is getting done right, you can manage your time better.

Take advantage of each person’s strengths and assign those people correctly.

6. Block Out Your Day

Focus on a daily routine to help you keep and stay organized. Many experts argue that a daily way is even good for your mental health.

Wake up at a particular time and keep a daily exercise schedule, meals, and work. Even on weekends, it’s best to keep a routine.

For example, if someone calls you after searching ‘construction contractor near me,’ put a specific time on your daily calendar to call and return those calls. Keep a specific time of day for staff meetings. Add another part of your day daily inspections.

It might surprise you that blocking out your day will keep your organization skills in tip-top shape. You will feel confident knowing how much you can get done!

Organization and Construction Contractors 

There are six steps to have stronger organizing habits for construction contractors, including getting the right software, delegating tasks, and facilitating effective communication.  

Lastly, the right technology can help you tie many of these things together. Contact us today and let us help you get the right software for your construction contracting business!