Are you thinking of reinventing your post-pandemic construction hiring? Do you want to know how to increase your employee retention and attract new employees in a post-COVID-19 era?

COVID-19 has given employees new concerns about their potential working conditions. Even as people get vaccinated and the pandemic spread slows, workers will want new things out of their workplace. So, how do you make certain you continue to attract employees and retain your talent?

Below, we’ll go into our top 5 tips for recruiting in the construction industry. Keep reading if you want to become the most attractive company to workers in the construction service!

1. Understand COVID-19 Construction Challenges  

COVID-19 left lasting impacts on most of the construction industry. 40% of American construction companies faced massive layoffs during the coronavirus. Many had to consider halting projects or closing altogether.

Others had to adjust their operations to continue doing their work. Social distancing had to be implemented, often by local law. Some employees needed to work on a remote basis.

This has led to many companies needing to pursue recruiting in the construction industry.

It also impacts what your employees expect of their future workplaces. The employees that could work from home might want to continue doing so. Others may expect companies to have a robust system for what would happen if another wave of the pandemic were to occur.

So, as you prepare for post-pandemic construction operations, keep in mind how COVID-19 has shaped employee expectations.

2. Don’t Get Rid of Social Distancing  

As restrictions ease, some business owners have found it tempting to reduce their social distancing measures. At this point, this would not constitute a wise move.

First, you want to ensure your employees continue to remain safe. Workers that don’t feel safe at work might seek employment elsewhere. This hurts your company by transitioning your talent to your competitors.

So, you should keep your social distancing measures intact for now. This also shows new recruits how well you consider their personal safety, which might help you stand out amongst other companies.

The CDC posts regular updates and suggestions for businesses across the country. If you need help identifying how to bolster your own coronavirus protection plan, visit the CDC’s website.

3. Recruit Both Online and In-Person  

But how do you get new hires interested in your company in the first place?

First, you need to remember that most people take their job search online. This was true before the pandemic. It became even more popular during the coronavirus as people became less comfortable with in-person interviews or other job-related activities.

Still, meeting potential hires remains a crucial part of the job hunt. You want to ensure people fit the overall culture of your company and bring the right blend of personality and skills to your team. Once COVID-19 shows a significant and sustained slow in its spread, you should consider blending in-person job searching activities with distanced ones.

How do you accomplish this? First, make sure you post job announcements on your website and popular job boards. Some of the most used ones include ZipRecruiter and Indeed. Decide whether or not you want to continue holding job interviews via video calls or phone communications.

You should also have thorough onboarding procedures to explain your expectations of each employee in the post-pandemic era.

4. Remain Up-to-Date on Construction Technology  

COVID-19 pushed most companies to rely on different technology to keep their employees working well even from a distance.

Some of the popular solutions included getting cloud ERP solutions that allowed people to access and analyze data from a distance. It improved everything from project management to ordering supplies and maintaining an inventory. This eased the work of remote employees and allowed them to respect social distancing guidelines.

Cloud-based technology also allows employees to report any needed maintenance or potential hazards. That way, you can keep your devices working safely and properly without needing your contractors to spend unnecessary time in the office.

If you haven’t improved your construction technology during the pandemic, you should do so now. New employees will expect companies to have advanced technology that allows them to do their jobs well. If you don’t match or exceed the technological advancements of their previous place of employment, they may grow frustrated.

5. Have a Plan Going Forward  

Experts believe COVID-19 isn’t the last pandemic. In fact, just in the last 21 years, we avoided 5 additional pandemics: SARS, MERS, Ebola, the swine flu, and avian influenza. COVID-19 was the one we failed to dodge around.

Scientists think the proliferation in potential pandemics occurred because of humanity’s increasing encroachment into wildlife. As we deforest, we lower the biodiversity of certain areas. This means the animals less friendly to human presence retreat, while those who don’t mind humans as much stay around. These happen to carry diseases that can become fatal pandemics if transmitted to humans.

Because people have exposed themselves more and more to these animals, you need to plan for the next pandemic. Having a plan in place for how you will handle a future pandemic allows you to remain more in control. It might prevent you from losing employees in the future. It also could keep you operational and attractive to new hires even in dire circumstances.

Ready to Better Your Recruiting in the Construction Industry?  

During COVID-19, adaptability and the ability to work from a distance have become vital parts of recruiting in the construction industry. When you follow the tips above, you will increase your chances of keeping your employees on board while attracting new talent and keeping everyone safe.

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