This week, we sit down with Aaron Frumin, the founder of unCommon Construction based in New Orleans, Louisiana on how his organization is breaking down classroom walls by providing opportunity for high school students through the construction trades.

As schools cut down on project-based classes, like shop and others, the opportunity for them to uncover a passion for the trades has been cut down. This is a problem, but aside from the fact that construction companies are having a difficult time attracting and retaining labor it leaves a lot of opportunity on the floor for high school kids.

Aaron Frumin is working tirelessly to change that picture by breaking down the walls of traditional classrooms. Through unCommon Construction, Aaron is providing students with a paying job while teaching them the trades by building houses in the New Orleans metro – across all spectrums of diversity and backgrounds. There’s never been a better time to get involved in an organization like unCommon. Learn more about what they do below, donate, and follow them below.

About unCommon Construction

At unCommon Construction, youth from different high schools apply to join a diverse team to earn hourly pay and school internship credit for building a house in a semester. With the revenue from each project, apprentices also earn a matching “Equity Award Scholarship” for further education, industry certifications or the tools needed for long-term employment. Through more than 100 hours each semester, apprentices develop career awareness and exposure, technical, soft skills, and leadership abilities through a work-based learning experience in a real-world classroom.

Get Involved

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