We talked with Tannis Liviniuk, global entrepreneur and founder of Trillium Advisory Group on how construction companies can best utilize people, process, and technology.

Tannis grew up working long hours in her family’s crane yard in Alberta, so she’s no stranger to the construction industry. Working to demobilize cranes and rig materials in adverse weather conditions in the most remote parts of Canada under 24-hour work cycles has left Tannis with a dynamic work ethic. Before long she ended up in construction planning, where she got into construction tech 12 years ago and fell in love.

“Tech deployments are an interesting beast. Being involved in them, you hear and see stuff that works really well. But sometimes you see these deployments go horribly sideways.”

Tannis’ expertise lies in finding gaps by working with stakeholders and really understanding the problem the company is trying to solve. That’s step 1. “The company’s that find the most success are the ones who are using tech to augment a process. If all you have is tech and your process doesn’t work, you’re probably not going to see as much value out of that tech as you potentially could,” said Liviniuk.

Day-in and day-out, Tannis works with construction companies around North America and the globe. She understands the unique challenges construction firms face and works with companies like yours to move past the “wow factor” and get into the how tech can truly encourage growth in all aspects of your business. Visit Trillium Advisory Group to see how you can work with Tannis.

Don’t forget to head over to Tannis’ other site where she talks about the future of the construction industry at Construxion.io