Sage Intacct Construction User Types

From employee to business, to project manager user types, Sage Intacct offers a variety of user types and permissions to support your construction business.

Maximize Your Efficiency with Specific Users

This comprehensive guide outlines the responsibilities and access level for each user role. This ensures that team members have the necessary user permissions to perform their roles effectively.

Business & Admin User Type

Ideal for accounting and finance roles that actively input data.


  • Any level of access
  • All admin users (full and limited) must be business users
  • Perform financial accounting transactions
  • Create, edit, and manage projects, tasks, and other dimensions (e.g., employees, customers, locations, departments, items, and accounts)
  • Create custom reports
  • Set up labor costing, indirect costing, and hours tracking
  • Approve timesheets and expense reports for all employees
  • Generate project invoices, and sales orders and send them to customers
  • Manage revenue recognition, based on a different schedule, or milestones, for billing.

 Tasks That Require Permissions 

  • Create and submit expenses for themselves and other employees
  • View standard financial reports (e.g., profit and loss statements, general ledger, trial balance)
  • Generate project invoices and sales orders
  • View various ledgers
  • Create new custom reports
  • Set up financial budgets
  • Have full access to existing reports

Employee User Type

Limited access and can view timesheets, documents, and other workplace data.


  • Record personal timesheet information and enter personal expense reports
  • Create purchase requisitions
  • Enter and submit personal timesheets
  • Can approve timesheets, expenses, bills, AP payments, and purchasing transactions (reimbursement approval is not included)
  • View dashboards, vendors, customers, and projects they’re assigned to
  • Run standard reports, pre-defined financial, and custom reports
  • Cannot perform financial accounting transactions, such as journal entries

Tasks That Require Permissions 

  • Create and submit expenses for themselves and other employees
  • View project reports, status, and progress reports
  • Approve expense reports and timesheets

Project Manager User Type

Assigns tasks, oversees project progress, and creates and edits transactions.


  • Create and edit project & cost code info
  • Create and edit estimates
  • Create and submit timesheets for themselves and other employees
  • Create and view personal expense reports
  • Create or edit PO/subcontracts/CO, etc
  • Cannot create custom reports, generate project invoices, or sales orders

Tasks That Require Permissions 

  • Approve timesheets and expense reports charged to their project
  • Create and submit expenses for themselves and other employees
  • View Gantt Charts and other reports
  • Find project resources and assign them to projects and tasks
  • Run a pre-bill report
  • Preview an invoice
  • Create, edit, and delete their own draft invoices.

Don’t Settle for One-Size-Fits-All

Take control of your team’s productivity and streamline your operations with Sage Intacct’s tailored user roles and permissions.