Did you know that Procore is the only cloud-based construction project management platform with integration into Sage Intacct Construction?

While Procore and Sage have had existing integrations for Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE, the integration with Sage Intacct is their first joint cloud-to-cloud connector. Sage Intacct Construction is an industry-leading cloud-based construction accounting solution.

The integration helps companies simplify processes that increase efficiency and collaboration as they further advance in their digital transformation.

How this integration benefits construction  

The Sage Intacct Construction and Procore integration means that you can have your accounting and project management teams within Procore and provide construction sites access to the financial data they need. In short, the integration gives more visibility to your field team, allowing them to make the best-in-the-field decisions while accounting retains control over sensitive financial data.  

Additionally, this integration gives project managers one-click access to accurate job costing information directly from the job site, eliminating double-entry and saving time.

With the Procore + Sage Intacct Construction integration, you can:

  • Save time and labor completing time-sensitive tasks such as commitments, and change orders.
  • Eliminate the need for manual entry when transferring data between Procore and Sage Intacct Construction.
  • Communicate more efficiently between Accounting and Project Management teams.

Supported Features

Procore’s current integration with Sage Intacct Construction includes the following features:

  • Synchronization of Sage Intacct Construction cost codes, cost types, and job costs between Sage Intacct and Procore.
  • Create commitments and commitment change orders in Procore where each line item uses Sage Intacct Construction cost codes and cost types.
  • Export ‘Approved’ commitments (a.k.a., subcontracts and change orders) and subcontract change orders from Procore to Sage Intacct Construction.
  • Built-in approval workflows for commitments and commitment change orders where designated accountants can approve/reject them in Procore; approved commitments are pushed directly from Procore to your Sage Intacct Construction database.
  • Link a Sage Intacct Construction vendor and ID with a matching company in Procore’s Directory tool.
  • Create a vendor in Sage Intacct Construction by exporting a company record from Procore.
  • Create a new company record in Procore by importing a vendor from Sage Intacct Construction. Insurance information must be managed and updated in Sage Intacct.
  • Create a new project in Procore by importing a Sage Intacct Construction job.
  • Create a new job in Sage Intacct Construction by exporting a Procore project.
  • Import a Sage Intacct Construction estimate into the Budget tool on a Procore project.
  • Import a Sage Intacct Construction sub job into Procore as a sub job.
PROCORE PROJECT FINANCIALS Exports data from Procore to Sage Intacct® Imports data from Sage Intacct® to Procore Sage Intacct®
Standard Cost Type
  erp-green-arrows.png STANDARD COST CODES
Standard Categories
Cost Codes
Cost Types
erp-orange-arrows.png erp-green-arrows.png JOBS
Cost Codes
SUB JOBS erp-orange-arrows.png erp-green-arrows.png SUB JOBS
COMPANIES erp-orange-arrows.png erp-green-arrows.png AP VENDORS
BUDGETS1 erp-orange-arrows.png erp-green-arrows.png ESTIMATE
Subcontracts & Purchase Orders
Commitment Change Orders (CCOs)
erp-orange-arrows.png   PURCHASING
Subcontracts & Purchase Orders
Commitment Change Orders (CCOs)
Committed Costs (Actual)
JTD Cost
  erp-green-arrows.png COSTS
Committed Costs (Invoiced)
JTD Cost
SUBCONTRACTOR INVOICES 2 erp-orange-arrows.png   BILLS
  erp-green-arrows.png BILL PAYMENTS

How the Procore and Sage Intacct Connector works  

This integration uses Procore’s ERP toolset to push and pull data in real-time between Sage Intacct Construction and Procore. This also helps eliminate the need to import and export files, as Sage Intacct Construction’s open API allows you to communicate with your Sage Intacct Construction site directly.

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