We talked with Kris Lengieza, Director of Marketplace Business Development at Procore on how tech can connect every job in the construction industry – from project engineers to superintendents to executives looking for growth.

A Dream Turned Reality

When Kris Lengieza was a kid, he played a lot of golf, but he soon realized that a pro career probably wasn’t in his future. So what did he do? He turned his passion for golf into a dream of building golf courses. Kris eventually achieved that dream and finally had the opportunity to build a golf course with The Weitz Company in Florida.

Procore: A Perfect Fit

Now at Procore, Kris is on the front lines of breaking down the barriers for data silos and fences through technology with Procore’s completely open API. But at the end of the day, Kris uses his vast experience and unique thinking to enable process improvement from end-to-end – company-to-company, tech-to-tech.

Investment In Tech Isn’t About Job Cuts

We’ve heard a lot lately about how tech can potentially fill the voids of labor shortages – but that’s not what tech is really for. Kris was spot on when he talks about how growth and scalability should be at the root of your investment in tech, not how many jobs you can cut.

Procore Committed To Specialty Contractors Too

Procore recently doubled down on their commitment to support everyone in construction, announcing that more than 1,200 specialty contractors now rely on Procore. As Kris notes, a lot of that comes from Procore’s field productivity tool – giving specialty contractors real-time visibility into whether their jobs are on-schedule and on-budget based on timesheets.


This episode goes well beyond Procore and their incredible disruption in the construction marketplace. You can not only learn from Kris’ incredible story, but can take away a lot on how to improve processes, listen, and grow.

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