Builtcast: ProEst CEO Jeff Gerardi On How The Cloud Bolsters Your Preconstruction Process

by Apr 7, 2019

From no maintenance to AI, the preconstruction process is more exciting than it’s ever been before. We talked with Jeff Gerardi on how construction companies can marry estimating and ERP to win more work and boost profits.

“Today the technology we’re developing is industrty changing.”

Preconstruction is one of the most (if not the most) critical parts of the construction process. What happens in preconstruction dictates what you can (and won’t be able to) do during the rest of the job. So why risk your company on software that wasn’t designed specifically for preconstruction? This week on Builtcast, Jeff gives us insight into why construction companies should move on from Excel and what’s new and coming soon in ProEst for 2019. One of the best new features? Bid Analysis using AI.

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