Builtcast: Dennis Stejskal On Embracing Construction Technology

Can technology help your company’s growth and also give you an advantage when hiring talent, capturing time, and mitigating rework? We talked with Dennis Stejskal, a nearly 40 year veteran of construction tech, on how the cloud is revolutionizing the construction industry.

As a contractor, you’re most likely busier now than ever before, but being busy doesn’t mean you should ignore your software systems, and like our Co-Founder, Kurt, wrote, “… there’s never a good time to make your transition to the cloud or change your IT stack.” In fact, the right time could very well be now. Our Builtcast guest this week, Dennis Stejskal, is no stranger to technology planning and implementation and he shared some great insight on best practices, what to look for, what processes data can influence, and collaboration in tech.


Dennis Stejskal’s Guide On How To Determine What Construction Technology Is Right For Your Company:

  • Identify the data that affects your bottom line.
  • Make sure you’re utilizing your technology (existing and new) the right way to maximize your investment
  • Look ahead and see if the tech is future-forward
  • Bring in a trusted partner
  • Don’t decide on the short-term, plan for your company’s future
  • Collaborate with every department and identify their needs
  • Implement in phases

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