Ever wonder how modern day estimating software was built? We talked with Curtis Peltz, the brain behind the software and tools estimators use today.

We wanted to have Curtis on because of his unique role as the developer and designer of not only the most widely used estimating software today, but he also created the template that all estimating software now follows. He remains a prolific innovator in the estimating software world. From developing the first CAD to estimating electronic takeoff tools in the early 90’s to today’s eTakeoff Bridge that automates 2D and 3D takeoff, Curtis remains a leader in estimating software technology.

Curtis remains a leader in estimating software technology.

So how do you go from selling house and camper trailers in Bismarck, ND at the age of 15, to a music conservatory, to developing the most successful estimating software technology? This episode explores all that as well as Curtis’ thoughts on estimating technology and productivity in today’s construction environment.