From AI to Blockchain, culture to projects – we sat down with McCownGordon Construction’s Dustin Burns for an inside look at how tech is transforming business processes, from the bottom up. Listen and discover what’s happening now and why the future of construction will be nothing like we’ve seen before.

The construction industry is now at the precipice of change Dustin Burns dreamed of 10 years ago. WIth hybrid platforms, best-of-breed software, and open APIs becoming must-have and industry-standard, the pace of change in construction has never been this rapid.

“We’re a technology company that does construction.”

So why is this change such a good thing?One word, data. As we found out from Dustin, a lot of growing companies struggle because when you’re small, tribal knowledge becomes the norm. But when you scale and grow, tribal knowledge doesn’t work anymore and that knowledge doesn’t translate into successful projects. This is where data comes into play. The more information you collect and distribute digitally about processes, and projects, the more you’re going to win as you scale. From culture to preconstruction to project, with the right data you can complete work efficiently, win more, and make more money.

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