Builtcast is a new construction podcast that covers topics in the contracting business. The weekly podcast explores the stories and people behind construction technology, growth, and the construction business.

When I came on board the Bangert, Inc. team in August 2018, one of the things I immediately started listening to was construction industry podcasts like Devon Tilly’s “Art of Construction”. Podcasts are usually my go-to when I want to have my pulse on a certain subject, and the podcasts for construction certainly didn’t disappoint. But at the end of the day, I knew we could produce a high-quality show that took advantage of our years in the business.

What is Builtcast?

Each week, Kurt and I sit down with someone (or a panel) to discuss a topic that deals with construction’s cutting edge. With Bangert, Inc.’s 30+ years in the construction industry, we’ve met a lot of innovative and forward-thinking people along the way. Think of it as Peggy Smedley’s IoT show, but for construction.

Who Are The Hosts?

The podcast is hosted by Kurt Bangert and Reid Bangert, father and son. Kurt has spent 35 years in the construction software business, founding Bangert, Inc., with his father Richard, in 1983. Reid has joined the Bangert, Inc. team after a 10-year career building brands like AT&T, NAPA Autoparts, and Gatorade. Both bring a curious-by-nature approach to Builtcast and the guests they host.

What Subjects Do You Cover?

Some of our episodes, like How Modern Day Estimating Was Built With Curtis Peltz, take you through the history of certain processes. In others, we dive into subjects around project management, marketing strategies, construction projects, and of course – construction tech.

Is It “Techie”?

Absolutely not. And honestly, the conversation almost always relates to the human experience. Whether you’re a general contractor or a group of construction lawyers, you’ll find each episode interesting in its own way.

How Can I Listen To Builtcast?

You can listen right here or add it to your favorite podcast player! I’ve included some links here, or you can always search within your podcast player: