AI and Blockchain in construction are more than just buzzwords, they’re here and will transform business as we know it. This week, we talk with Bassem Hamdy on how Briq is leading this innovative space.

Bassem Hamdy has a big goal: democratize construction data management in order to democratize great decision making. So what’s the business impact? Making decisions quickly based on the best data possible … and that’s exactly what Bassem’s company, Briq, is doing.

But what I gathered from our conversation with Bassem is that it’s more than just about making quick decisions — it’s about opening up new possibilities with data. Briq will lead to better decisions all around. Think about all of the data that’s produced over the course of a single construction project. From work orders to change orders to punch lists, to time — linking all that data together to have a deeper understanding of what’s working and what isn’t is invaluable. And that’s just a project.

“Technology up to this point has been disruptive to workflows … but the more we harness tech like Briq, the more we can get back to building.”

So how can Briq influence your ERP and accounting data? The real advantages unlock when you take advantage of AI and machine learning to uncover opportunities that align with your business. Is this project right for us? Do I have the best team aligned with this bid? Those are all questions that come from years of experience and a deep, subjective, understanding of your business. But if you can answer those same questions with data, you’ll have an unparalleled competitive advantage in the long-term.