Builtcast: Kinzler Construction COO Brian Schwartze Talks Hiring In Construction

by Aug 20, 2019

Our guest today Brian Schwartze, is the COO at Kinzler Construction Services – he’s a featured speaker at the Build What Matters Summit – so if you like this episode, he’ll take a deeper dive into what we talked about here at the summit.

We wanted to talk with Brian because he has a solid approach to hiring in construction. What we found out is that construction HR is often a complex process … but when you simplify that process, make it repeatable, and in Brian’s terms, make it “un-screw-up-able”, you start to make headway and standout in the crowded hiring bonanza.

“That mid-level leader in construction is really a place where the growth needs to happen in order to be able to grow your company.”

Interested in hearing more from Brian Schwartze?

Brian will be a featured speaker at Build What Matters Summit! Get your tickets now!

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