Builtcast: Change In Construction Supply With Billy Ball

by Jun 3, 2019

We talked with 84 Lumber’s VP of National Sales on what’s changed in the construction supply business over his 30 years in the industry and why it’s destined for growth.

When Billy Ball started working the counter at his local 84 Lumber straight out of college it was a different time with different challenges. But one thing that hasn’t changed? The people. In fact, those very first conversations he had with 84 Lumber during his interview process have had some serious sticking power for Billy.

“Kids coming out of school today don’t understand the opportunity available in this industry. It’s a great industry for someone who wants to grow tremendously and start a solid career.”

One of the things that stood out to me the most is that Billy went from front counter to VP of National Sales over his 30 year career. That’s a rare story, and it’s important here because that same possibility is available today – at family companies just like 84 Lumber. What’s more, kids coming into this industry today will enjoy the benefits of what I like to call: the tipping point in construction – as Malcolm Gladwell so eloquently laid out in his book “The Tipping Point” – where technology and industry will merge to create a modern and powerful workforce.

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