Are you tired of outdated software slowing down your construction business? Look no further than Sage Intacct Construction’s latest release, 2023 R2. Sage Intacct R2 is the second quarterly update in 2023.

Sage Intacct Construction updates are automatically applied to all users, so businesses don’t need to purchase or install new software versions. This allows them to benefit from the latest features and improvements without any additional cost or effort.

See the 2023 R2 highlights

Faster Processing, Easier Drill Down


Quickly create expense reports from existing credit card transactions. Combine invoices, payments, and credit applications in one CSV import and link credit card transactions with employee expense reports.

Extended functionality

Unify your accounting, payroll, and HR for better insights, faster processes, and increased profitability with Sage Intacct Payroll (US only). Up-level your processes with Construction and Contracts enhancements.


Securely lock closed statutory reporting periods to maintain consistent reports. Easily drill down into the heart of your financial reports to view transaction-level details.

New Features for Construction

Integrate Construction project contracts with change requests

Choose additional levels to link a change request or change request entries to a Construction project contract line.

Project commitment tab

Show all project commitments (purchase orders and subcontracts) within a project. You can then examine the linked project order documents.

Reverse conversions in Purchasing

Enter opposite values on entry lines when converting a purchase order or subcontract document.

Summarize time and materials billing for Construction project contracts

Summarize all expenses for a Construction project contract line to a single entry on the project contract invoice.

Sage Intacct Payroll powered by ADP is now available

Sage Intacct Payroll is a best-in-class payroll and human capital management (HCM) solution that integrates seamlessly with Sage Intacct.

Accounts Payable Features Updated

Pay from the Bills list

Save time for your AP department by paying individual bills directly from the Bills list during your accounts payable process.

Vendor list & vendor invoice enhancement

Now when you drill into a vendor name from the Vendors list, the vendor information record opens.

Accounts Receivable Features Added

Edit reversal dates  

You can now edit the reversal dates on posted payments to correct the information.

Apply credits and line-level payments in bulk

Use the CSV import template to input payment and apply credit data, then import them into Intacct.

Accounts Receivable Features Updated

Customer list enhancement

Now, when you drill into a customer name from the Customers list, the customer record opens.

Enhancement to dunning notices

You now have the ability to filter by customer group when sending dunning notices.

Date format options for email templates 

Send email with dates in your users’ preferred format.  

General Ledger Features Added 

Lock closed periods

You can lock a closed period to ensure that your records for the period do not change, and so remain in agreement with the reports you produce for the period.

Company & Administration Feature Added

Intacct now sends an email when a user is locked out

When a user is locked out of Sage Intacct, the user receives an email to let them know that they are locked out and that an admin can reset their password.

Company & Administration Feature Updated

Migrate to multi-entity: Sage is migrating select single-entity companies to multi-entity companies with a top level. Will you be among the first to upgrade?