Bangert, Inc. Subscription Support Plan Terms of Service

Effective date of 12/14/2021

Services Delivered 
Under the terms of this agreement, customer is paying a monthly or annual fee for the availability of and access to helpdesk services for a period defined in the Term Length section below.

Ticket Counts & Closure
Customer will have availability to helpdesk services as identified in their plan tier. A single request or issue is considered a single ticket. New requests or issues will generate an additional ticket(s). Once a ticket is closed, a customer may reopen the ticket if the issue persists with no penalty. If it is determined to be a separate request or issue, a new ticket may be opened and charged or taken from customer balance.

Term Length
The terms of this agreement are valid for a period of 365 calendar days, or 12 months, beginning on the submission of payment, or an invoice is drawn, whichever is first. Regardless of monthly or annual payment, customer agrees to pay for subscription support plans for a period of 12 months.

Reports, Report Change Orders, (Generic) Inquiries, Dashboards, Customizations, Archiving, Project Services, Upgrades, Updates, and Training are excluded from subscription support plans and are sold separately. Year-End Services for legacy systems are also excluded, unless customer has selected the Sage 300 CRE Pro Support Plan.

Your SLA is dependent on the plan tier you purchased. Response times and SLA violations are calculated based on business days. During certain periods in the year our demand for service can affect the SLA promised. Service hours are M-F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST.

Price Increases
Bangert reserves the right to increase subscription support plan pricing by 5% annually, not inclusive of inflation.

Automatic Renewal
These Terms of Service automatically renew on an annual basis, unless customer notifies of cancellation.

Cancellation is only authorized at the customer’s annual renewal date and for a period of 30 days thereafter. Customer can provide notice to Bangert of intent to cancel at any time by emailing Once notice has been received, your subscription support plan will cancel at your annual renewal date.