Revolutionizing Sage Intacct Construction Implementation: The Bangert Way

🚀 Elevating Construction Accounting for a New Era

With 40 years of experience in construction accounting and technology, we at Bangert are excited to present our proven deployment process for Sage Intacct Construction. This process represents more than just an upgrade; it marks a new way of training your team, delivering a professional, transparent method designed to improve your knowledge and capabilities.

🌟 Why Sage Intacct Construction? 

Sage Intacct Construction goes beyond standard accounting solutions. Designed by Timberline experts, it offers:

Construction Payroll Mastery

Effortlessly manage complex payroll requirements, including multi-state, union, and certified payroll.

Advanced Construction Features

Leverage industry-specific functionalities leading the construction sector.

Seamless System Integration

Integrate smoothly with top solutions like TimberScan, Sage Construction Management, and more.

Future-Ready Design

Stay ahead with an AI-ready platform that is the AICPA-preferred solution, boasting a clear technological roadmap.

🌟 The Advantages of Choosing The Bangert Way

1. Transparency and Predictability:

  • Crystal-clear Deployment Roadmap
  • Predictable, Inclusive Service Costs
  • Inclusion of Custom Reports & Dashboards

2. Empowerment at Every Step:

  • Guided courses to master Sage Intacct Construction
  • Self-paced deployment with core classes
  • Regular One-on-One Milestone Check-ins

3. Flexibility in Deployment:

  • Tailor your project timeline with Deployment Manager
  • Structured milestones guiding you from data import to live operation

💡 The Unparalleled Bangert Difference

We diverge from the norm of obscure implementation routes and restricted resources. Our focus is on clarity, empowerment, and adaptability. Our method equips your team not just with a solution but with the knowledge and skills essential for success. Our deployment strategy, unlike traditional methods, is an enduring resource for Sage Intacct users.

📈 Structured Learning for Deployment


Self-paced video coursework.


Interactive sessions with Sage Intacct experts.


Task completion to solidify learning before progressing.


Regular assessments to confirm your advancement.

Our Ironclad Guarantee:
Your Trust, Our Commitment

Fixed Price Promise

You’ll never pay a penny more than quoted. Absolute cost certainty, no surprises.

Zero Change Orders

We stand by our word. Once we commit, we deliver. No change orders, ever.

On Your Terms, On Time

Your schedule is our command. Go-Live happens precisely when you need it to.

Unrestricted Support

Day or night, rain or shine, our support is yours 24/7. Anytime Access, because your peace of mind is non-negotiable.

🚀 Embark on The Bangert Way Transformation

Join the multitude who have reaped the benefits of our proven approach. Step into the future of construction accounting deployment now.

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