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Bangert was founded on the premise that technology can profoundly transform business processes. Over the last 35 years, we have had the privilege of working with some of the finest companies in the country and effecting lasting change on their operations, profitability, and lifestyles.



Bangert's Computer Center Founded

Richard Bangert found “Bangert’s Computer Center.” Kurt joins in September. The first office is a rented 400 sq. ft. house. Our product line consisted of Commodore, Kaypro, Sanyo, NCR, and other early hardware vendors. Most Machines were running 64-256k RAM and had 160 or 320k floppy drives. We installed first hard drive – 5MB – that cost $3,500.


Creation of First Software

Richard creates “The Petroleum Manager” software. Designed specifically for fuel and oil distributors, the software eventually acquired 1,500 customers nationally.


Bangert and Timberline Partner

Bangert and Timberline (now Sage) partner, beginning a relationship that stays strong to this day. The company name is changed to Bangert Computer Systems.


Largest Timberline Reseller

Bangert becomes the largest Timberline value-added reseller in the country, a trend that continues through the 1990’s. Brett Hodson opens our St. Louis, MO office.


Kansas City Base Established

Y2K and the end of DOS software for Bangert arrive. We acquire a Kansas City-based Timberline reseller and expand operations in the Kansas City region.


Richard Bangert Retires

Richard Bangert retires, and Kurt Bangert assumes responsibility for all operations of the company. Bangert reaches the 2,000 customer mark and continues to grow.


Focus Towards Customer Efficiency

The construction industry faces some of the most challenging times in memory. Bangert focuses on helping customers drive efficiency.


Further KC Expansion

We acquire a new building in the Crossroads District in Kansas City and expand further. A COO is hired and Kurt steps away from day-to-day operations to found another company in Kansas City.


Plans for Business Growth Begin

Kurt returns to Bangert in November, where he begins and implements an aggressive growth plan. Hiring begins.


Acumatica Announcement

Bangert Computer Systems is now Bangert. Key staff hires take place and Bangert announces its partnership with Acumatica. New initiatives are put in place for client growth and benefit.

Richard’s Story

A personal note from Kurt: I would be honored if you would take a few minutes and watch the following video on my dad, the founder of this company. It is a vignette of him a few short years after retirement, doing the things he loved. My dad had a long and very interesting career: he was a brilliant engineer, an inveterate entrepreneur, and the hardest working, most generous person that I have ever known.  Growing up, he had high expectations of my siblings and I, something not always appreciated at the time. But now it’s clear that I am deeply in his debt. We value family here at Bangert, and that includes all that bless me by working here. Today, Richard, to my great sadness, is saddled with Alzheimer’s. His legacy is with us every day, and there are no words that can fully express my gratitude.

I want to thank my son Reid, Richard’s grandson, for making this video.

Our Vision For The Future

There have been few points in history when we have been on the precipice of profound change in the construction industry. Today we are at that precipice. More and more companies are looking to tackle their part of the staggering $1.7 trillion dollars of waste annually and the tech world is stepping up, with systems that have the promise of transforming age-old processes and the businesses our clients are driving forward into a bright new future.

From our perspective, these are exciting times, reminiscent of the era in which the company was started. New technologies like Acumatica truly hold the promise of real business transformation.

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