If you’re familiar with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, you may already know that an ERP can help you overcome certain challenges that arise in your business.

However, an industry-specific ERP can provide you with even more benefits in comparison to a generic one.

With competition growing and markets becoming increasingly volatile across all fields and industries in the United States, many cloud ERP providers will try to promise that their solution is more efficient than others.

Moreover, if you’re a buyer, you can help eliminate software options by focusing on a construction-specific ERP solution. To learn more about industry-specific ERP systems, keep reading.

Generic ERP Solutions: Beneficial, but Not Ideal   

Businesses must seek out every advantage to remain profitable. An ERP system can help you to do just that. However, it’s important to choose the system that best suits your needs.

Even with a generic ERP, setting up your software is not a plug-and-play process. Nearly every company will need to customize a general ERP offering. Customization is the only way to meet the unique needs of your organization. Generic ERP programs attempt to fulfill the needs of any potential business. For this reason, most generic offerings lean toward common ERP software features.

For example, the system may be optimized to support accounting. It might also support order processing and sales. However, it might neglect to support inventory tracking, supply chain management, and digital communication tools. It may also neglect manufacturing concerns without customization.

For this reason, decision-makers must tweak the generic ERP offerings to suit their needs. Customizing a generic ERP program adds vital efficiencies. However, the process of customizing a generic ERP is time-consuming and expensive. Typically, you’ll have to purchase add-ons for a generic ERP to function as desired. Furthermore, the program will likely waste resources on features that won’t be utilized.

Generic ERP vendors include these features for a reason. They allow customization for a range of industries but these unused tools can complicate deployment. Furthermore, they can result in overly complex features.

The Industry-Specific ERP Advantage    

Conversely, vendors develop industry-specific ERPs to meet the needs of select verticals. For this reason, industry-specific offerings run leaner. They’re more effective than a non-specific software offering.

More importantly, industry-specific ERPs ship with key functions. These functions and options provide the needs of specific industries.

The needs that companies have regarding ERP resources vary greatly across verticals. However, having an industry-specific ERP helps companies to outperform the competition. More importantly, it helps them to generate profit.

An industry-specific ERP will allow you to enjoy the benefits of efficiency. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of relevancy, speed, and enhanced mobile capability that can benefit your employees whether they’re in the office or at a job site.

For these reasons, it’s better to choose a cloud-based ERP solution. Furthermore, it’s better to choose one designed for the construction industry. This particular solution is immediately applicable to your business processes.

Best of all, you can get started using the platform with minimal customization. You can deploy a construction industry-specific ERP faster and at a lower price. For this reason, comparing ERP solutions is vital. An industry-specific solution will require much less maintenance compared to a generic offering.

Back Technology With Expertise    

It’s important to keep in mind that the benefits of an industry-specific ERP go beyond the software. A firm that creates ERP software for your vertical can also provide you with expertise. This particular organization will have a deep understanding of the industry and your specific construction needs. Additionally, they can help fulfill your needs in a challenging marketplace.

Especially in today’s times, it’s difficult for companies to thrive. Construction firms must have the ability to adapt quickly. An industry-specific ERP can provide you with this capability.

With deep insights, you can gain an edge over your competition. At the same time, an industry-specific, cloud-based ERP will help you to operate efficiently. It will also allow you to run an agile organization. Savvy decision-makers understand that every business and industry is different. Likewise, they know the shortcomings of a generic ERP.

With generic software, no one can find the perfect resource for their organization. For this reason, many executives are choosing to use industry-specific resources. As this trend evolves, ERP vendors are answering the demand for industry-specific applications.

An ERP designed for the construction industry is better for your company. It can provide your organization with powerful functionality. Also, it will allow for better customization and deployment.

Choosing the Right ERP Matters    

Choosing the right ERP application is a cash-intensive, mission-critical, and long-term proposition. It takes time to evaluate the many choices available among ERP vendors and adopt new technologies. 

Moreover, you must find a solution that can help you meet your current business needs. However, that solution must also have the capability to help you meet the needs of the future.

There’s a major shift away from generic ERP mega suites. Innovations such as cloud computing, APIs, and Software as a Service are driving the change. These innovations make investments in technology more cost-effective.

Now, businesses can invest in highly specialized, industry-specific applications. Furthermore, these offerings are flexible. They typically integrate with many current digital resources.

Start Building a Better Construction Project Management Solution Today   

Industry-specific ERP solutions can save your team hours of work every week, reduce staffing, help track projects, and improve collaboration. On top of that, it will help you streamline your organizational processes. Your staff can use that extra time to focus on higher-level objectives. 

Make the wise choice in deploying an industry-specific ERP system. With it, you can bolster your company’s position in your vertical. Furthermore, you can meet your most pressing construction needs. 

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